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Company: Delta Airline

Company Delta Airline 1. What ar the major business processes, i. e. operations, the organisation carries start? Here I did selected Delta Airlines as a ac federation for my research. This smart set is providing a wide range of the air traffic facilities in antithetical split of the world. In other words we wad say that there argon many operational roots of this airline company and any the r awayes be truly(prenominal) much beneficial. Another uniqueness of this company is a verity of airplanes including airb offices and jumbo and so onAt this time the company owns more than seven light speed divergent aeroplanes of several(predicate) size and capacity. Delta Airline is providing facilities to the people of the world to more from one(a) place to another by air. The services and facilities of the company are real helpful for the passengers and overly this company is providing enough revenue for the ontogeny of different airports and withal in air traffic contro l clay. They are in like manner providing different grammatical cases of devices and s backsideners for checking the bags and other luggage of the passengers on the airport.List the culture placements that are used to automate these processes. The teaching clay of the delta airline is governed at different levels and stages. For managing entirely the nurture and data the company is utilise roughly E-commerce platforms and these platforms are use different techniques to gather the breeding of the business process. And tally to the leasements of the company these placements are providing halt awayd and organized data for different spirits.Company is using different study arrangements to manage and boost their business accordingly. First of all they are using an online web order for pure(a) details and selective informations. They are withal using the ERP organisation to interconnect different business process and locations. rationalize how ONE of these inform ation formations is used to automate one of the processes. ERP is the main and very grand information musical arrangement and this system is work in different government agencys of the company and this system is managing the internal activities, procedures and accounts of the company.The whole operative of the company is computerised and for this purpose they are using an ERP system to manage the business transactions and many other business procedures. This ERP system is managing all the internal and external on the job(p) of the company and now the managers and other admin related people can issue forth daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports of the business. How much they are investing and what is their outcome. And in like manner which rout is more beneficial and which rout is facing lose.This system can withal mange the internal accounts of the company, like different salary packages, sales and purchase etc. Hence, we can say that this information system is providin g a complete chafe and functionality to manage the working and business of the company Describe one complete situation in which an end user uses this information system. Your description should be a textual narrative (in English), i. e. do not use diagrams.By using website (information system) the customers can get their subjective information and other inquires well and accurately. By using this information system (website) the users can navigate their bookings and also they can confirm their seats by selecting source and destination. This website is also providing different guidelines and offers to the customers. This information system is completely managing the business of the company, because a complete backend system is working behind this website and this system will collect all the informations.By using this backend system the managers can easily get their needful reports and information about the business direction and trends. Who heads the teaching (or heads procural decisions) of information systems in the organisation? Who is doing the planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance? The CEO of the company is working as head for making all the decisions about the development of the company and also there is complete chain of different management posts and everybody is change for achieving a single goal.The IT manager of the company is managing all the activities about the information system and for this purpose he is directly connected all the crampfish offices and divisions of the company. In other words, the IT manager is controlling all the procedures and activations from the head office of the company. He is the also responsible for planning and analysis of the information system of the company and the technical and human resource department is designing, implementing and maintaining the information system and other decisions of the company.In other words we can say that the IT manage is governing the information system in t he company. Discuss the system development methodology used? If information systems are acquired from off-the-shelf products, what is the process of procurement that is used in the organisation? The information engineering always require changes and updation time to time, because new technologies and techniques are coming in the market, thats why, it is essential for the business organizations and companies to change and upgrade their information technology systems.Similarly, the requirements of the people and customers are also beingness changed with the passage of time and to fulfil the requirements of the customers companies are expression to change and upgrade their information technology system and environment. The information system is very important for the professional and accurate working of the company and this information system is also increasing the working capacity of the company and on the other hand this information system is reducing their communication cost.Simil arly, this information system is also increasing the business revenue of the company. In this type of business, information system can really help out the company to manage their activities more professionally and accurately, because they are operating in different countries and they need to interconnect and integrate their whole business under one platform and information system is providing this platform to interconnect all the locations and departments. Hence, we can say that the information system for the Delta Airline is very important and beneficial.Yes, the companies indigence to upgrade their information system structure, because the market of the information is changing and also the preferences of the customers are also changing. When we look at the information technology al-Qaida of the Delta Airline then we come to know that their structure is changing collect to the requirements of the customers. Now the customers wants to book and confirm the seat online and also the y want to get many other inquires about the operations and timings of the flights and other rules and regulations.Now this is the very important of the company to provide this facility to the customers to get revenue, thats why, they provided all these facilities and functionalities to compete with other airlines. Also their business strategies and preferences are also being changed and to fully accomplish the overall conditions they need to change their information system infrastructure. The up gradation in the IS (information system) infrastructure will help out the companies to increase their revenue and also the customer satisfaction will also increase.Another main benefit of this strategy is the value and survival in the market, because the companies can only survive with changes in their business strategies and in technology infrastructure. This strategy will not cost them very much, because they have a complete platform and infrastructure and they only need to upgrade the sys tem with whatever new technologies and techniques. Discuss, in detail, the data accumulation techniques you used to serve the above questions.I did use many different data collection techniques to complete this research and to answer these questions. The literature and online searching technique is providing a wide range of different information about the company. The web site of the company contains complete history, business process, business strategies and many other important information and data about the company. Another technique which I did use for the collection of the data was the online search about the operations and information system of the company.And also, I contact with employees of the company to get the information about their managerial layers and also about the managerial activities and responsibilities. I also interview some other people and customers of the compony to get the information about the business activities and also about the information system o f the company. In other words we can say that I did collect the information and data by using many different strategies and techniques. Give the details of the people you interviewed to answer the above questions.Include examples of the questions you asked to answer these questions For of all I ask some questions to the customers of the company about the services and operations of the company and how they are getting their required information and services from the company. For example, How the company is providing the facilities and services online? Are you satisfied with the tuition system of the company? How they are managing feedbacks and requests?The management and human resource department of the company is very helpful, because I asked many questions to the human resource agents of the company about their activities and information system activation. For example, How many information systems are working in the company? What is the management level and who is governing t he information system of the company? What are the main operations and service of the company? Approximately, I interview more than ten people including the customers and employees of the company for answering and completing this research.

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