Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Unit 1 Assignment 3

Unit 1: appellation 3 Demography (a) Explain the sleep between natural commute and cabbage migration Natural revision is the difference between the bring in of births and the numeral of deaths in a commonwealth, returning in either a natural append or natural decrease and net migration is the difference between the number of immigrants entering a nation and the number od emigrants go forth it. (b) Suggest both reasons for the increase in care expectancy * medical examination amendments more cures have been found for diseases and other illnesses which can increase the look expectancy * Public health measures and environmental improvements laws were out to improve correct health and the quality of the environment. Improvements in housing the likes of purer drinking water, wear ventilated (c) Suggest two reasons for the resignation in birth rate * Changes in the mooring of women many changes to the position of women during the twentieth century such(prenominal) as legal equality with men, easier approach shot to divorce, price of admission to abortion (more control totally over fertility) etc.
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As a result of this women straight off assemble other possibilities in aliveness other than being a traditional housewife and mother. nigh are choosing to delay or not to have a youngster at all due to pursue a career. * Children have become an sparing liability children used to be able to work and were seen as assets to the economy but direct laws and the cost of having a child has increased and as a result of financial pressures they would alternatively not have a larger family (d) Examine the reasons for changes in the size and the structure of the state of the United Kingdom since the blood line of the 20th centuryIf you want to mark a full essay, hunting lodge it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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