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Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Market Economy

THE ADVANTAGES OF thaw MARKET ( DISADVANTAGES OF teaching ECONOMY ) 1. Efficiency. unacquainted(p) market place economies ar very competitive. Most of their industries argon presume to be perfectly competitive and so entirelyocative and intersectionive efficiency pass oning occur. As their main aim is profit precedent so informal market economies divvy up their resources more(prenominal)(prenominal) efficiently as compargond to plan deliverance. Decisions about what to produce argon do by the people who bequeath accepted consume the substantiallys. Planners atomic number 18 less in all probability to fuddle the correct decisions across the unharmed economy. 2. Choice. In emancipate market consumer sovereighnty prevails.Firms will produce whatever consumers are vigilant to buy not what they ideate they think they would like to buy. As consumer needs are going to be met with appropriate product than firms will bring about gameyerr profit and will last muc h longer in the market . Due to the free effort factor, there are no restrictions on what the firms can produce as a result there will be a much larger plectrum of goods and services in a free market economy compared with a en for sure economy. The planner will be more concerned in making sure there are sufficient substantial goods to produce the product they want to produce.As firms in free market will be producing different good and services so consumers will have variety of good and sevices to choose from. 3. Innovation. Firms will always be looking to produce something new to work over ahead of their competitors. , even though the governments usage is especial(a), one of its jobs is to protect property rights. This will include intellectual property rights by dint of patents. Hence, there are incentives in the free market governance for firms to be modernistic and produce better quality products. DISADVANTAGES OF FREE MARKET ECONOMY ( ADVANTAGES OF COMMAND ECONOMYPub lic, deservingness and de meritoriousness goods. Public goods cannot be provided in camera because of their two characteristics, non-diminishability and non-excludability. These goods have to be provided publicly. even off in a very free market, one of the governments few intentions will be to provide defence, for example. But there whitethorn be a problem with merit goods and demerit goods. Merit goods, like wellness and education, tend to be under provided in a free market. Certainly in the USA the public health system is a last resort system. People are advised to buy health insurance.Of course, the abject expertness not be adequate to(p) to afford this, and some people might simply decide not to smother if they feel particularly healthy. Demerit goods are bad for you. Government should ban sort A drugs, and assess cigarettes and alcohol heavily. A government with a limited role might not take enough action in this area, causing health problems for the economy. Of cou rse, the advantage of a command economy is that the strong government will make sure that public and merit goods are consumed at the right take aims and that demerit goods are banned or taxed heavily.The environment. Free market economies are likely to produce more pollution, which is bad for the environment. Command economies can make sure that the payoff processes that they chose are as environmentally friendly as possible. They should be able to make sure that the direct of output is the socially optimal level of output. Governments can try to force firms into producing the socially optimal level of output through the use of taxes, but governments with a limited role will not be keen to use taxes.Although the tax on petrol is high in the UK, it hush doesnt cover the problems caused by the exhaust emissions (in health as well as the environment). throttle prices have risen, but in real terms, the rise has not been as high as for bus and rail fares. In the USA, petrol is ridic ulously cheap. The minimal tax on the good does not beat to cover the environmental damage. Having said all that, the command economies of the 80s had notoriously poor records on the environment. In theory, they should have been able to superintend pollution levels closely, given that they had control of production but this simply did not hapeen.

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'History of Management Information System Essay\r'

'A management discipline system (MIS) provides information which is needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. focal point information systems involve three primary election resources: people, engine room, and information or finality making. counsel information systems are distinct from different information systems in that they are apply to analyze op durationtional activities in the organization. Academic all in ally, the circumstance is commonaltyly used to refer to the chemical group of information management methods tied to the mechanization or support of human decision making, e. g. decision support systems, expert systems, and administrator information systems.\r\nKenneth and Jane Laudon identify five eras of MIS organic evolution corresponding to five phases in the phylogenesis of computation applied science: 1) mainframe and minicomputer computing, 2) individual(prenominal) computers, 3) client/server networks, 4) enterprise computing, and 5 ) overcast computing. The first (mainframe and minicomputer) era was ruled by IBM and their mainframe computers, these computers would often take up whole rooms and require teams to dismission them, IBM supplied the hardware and the software. As technology go on these computers were able to handle greater capacities and so reduce their cost.\r\nSmaller, more affordable minicomputers al minored bigger businesses to run their own computing centers in-house. The scrap (personal computer) era began in 1965 as microprocessors started to struggle with mainframes and minicomputers and accelerated the process of decentralizing computing strength from greathearted info centers to small offices. In the late 1970s minicomputer technology gave way to personal computers and relatively low cost computers were becoming mass food marketplace commodities, allowing businesses to provide their employees access to computing power that ten years before would deal cost tens of thousands of d ollars.\r\nThis proliferation of computers created a ready market for interconnecting networks and the popularization of the Internet. As the complexity of the technology increased and the costs decreased, the need to care information within an enterprise as well grew, giving rise to the third (client/server) era in which computers on a common network were able to access share information on a server. This allowed for large amounts of data to be accessed by thousands and blush millions of people simultaneously.\r\nThe fourth (enterprise) era enabled by high drive networks, tied all aspects of the business enterprise together offer rich information access embrace the complete management structure. The fifth and current (cloud computing) era of information systems employs networking technology to throw overboard applications as well as data storage independent of the configuration, location or nature of the hardware. This, along with high speed cellphone and wifi networks, led to tonic levels of mobility in which managers access the MIS remotely with laptops, oral contraceptive pill pcs, and smartphones.\r\n'

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'Wilmot Proviso\r'

'It could be said that the American civilized fightfare was brought on by Americans occupy to expand its territories and the whizz and only(a) sided Mexican state of war. The consentient score erupt or contr e very(prenominal)placesy over this expansion was David Wilmot’s (and his squad of backers: Hamlin, Brinkerhoff, and King) essay to imple custodyt the Wilmot provision into the funding for the Mexican territories we acquired. The supply actu t come out of the closet ensembley fueled the debate over thraldom into the sorely acquired territories by hard to make the territories slave open acquisitions. The Wilmot planning was a simply require to make newly acquired territories free from bondage.As full s superlative degreeed out in the opening of this discussion however, proscription slaveholding in these territories was a deaf-and-dumb person point in the fore front. So what conflict did the Wilmot provision cod on the debate over slavery in Amer ica? It actu every last(predicate)y seemed to create a debate were ane did non actu every last(predicate)y exist. The debate or craving to prohibition era slavery was created by Democratic phratry members (anti-slavery members) who were afraid that the Whig party would spin the war with Mexico into their require to expand slavery. [1] So the very party that supported slavery discerns had the desire to chuck out slavery in the new territories anyhow.Although these few anti-slavery Democrats did not represent the strong, the desire was thither and they wanted the territories to be free. Given, this feign was to keep the Whig party from making the accusations that the Democrats were pathetic to expand the real estate for slavery. McPherson, competitiveness Cry of Freedom: The civic contend Era, even points out that Congressman from the Yankee states tried to enact a provision banning from the territories acquired by a war in which two-thirds of the volunteer soldiers h ad come from slave states. General Taylor was a slaveholder alone opposed the expansion of slavery when he became president. 2] McPherson examines the irony of this incident as salubrious as many other ironies that were to do with the Mexican contend and the Civil War.Another point that McPherson makes is that the men won the Mexican War because of the marksmanship and elan of their mixed divisions of regulars and volunteers and above all because of the professionalism and courage of their junior officers. Yet the competence of these men foreshadowed the ultimate irony of the Mexican War, for many of the best of them would fight against all(prenominal) other in the next war. 3] This is graceful powerful stuff that McPherson is feeding us, pointing out the fact that nearly the same assemblage of men who fought the Mexican War would give one another again during the Civil War. The fact that they were so successful in the first led them to face one another in the second partia lly due to the Wilmot Proviso and other portions that go more or less supposedly around the slavery issue. victorious a different avenue of approaching on the supposed fact that slavery and the Wilmot Proviso was the cause and sole factor of the Civil War.During and in the heat of the Wilmot Proviso debate, many grey lawmakers began to question the business of Congress to determine the status of slavery in any territory. According to washstand Calhoun, the territories belonged to all the states. Why should a citizen of one stated be denied the right to make his property, including slave, into territory owned by all? This line of reasoning began to dominate the sulfurern argument. [4] So here now enters the disposal encroaching on the rights of the gray states and overreaching its authority to tell them what they could and could not do in their territories.So, although slavery was the catalyst, the Confederateers began to turn the whole issue into â€Å"rights” iss ue that revolved around properties. The federal government began meddling in the rights of the states to govern its domain. So the fact that the Wilmot Proviso was trying to govern who and who â€Å"could not” strike slaves was a violation of the state’s rights. The issue moved from one of stimulus generalization to one involving practical matters. The nature of the Constitution, slavery, the appreciate of free labor, political power, and ultimately political realignment were all involved in the debate. 5] The southerners started to plough enraged at the fact they were being told what to do and how to do it. So what was the impact of the Wilmot Proviso on the debate over slavery in America? more or less would say that the Wilmot Proviso is one of the top five reasons or causes for the Civil War and I might cook to bear with that as well. In my opinion, the proviso exactly fueled the fire on the slavery debate simply due to the fact that it was pointless in the sense they were trying to impose a ban on in area that would have not really benefited from the use of slaves anyway.The areas of Texas, Arizona, and California were not geographic areas where slaves would have made a great deal of difference anyway so the proviso was pointless to them. The proviso was trying to impose a ban on slavery in areas where there was to be little need for slaves anyway. So the proviso was just a political platform to them to impose slavery bans in the south and expand their agenda on the issue. The southern states saw the proviso as an injure to the Southern states and their stand on slavery.Of course, I do think they were moving in the right direction from a add-on standpoint they were going about it the injure way. The debate should have been over the constitutionality of the issue all together and the rights of all men/women. They even entertained the thought of familiar sovereignty but that would just have let the issue as is because the southern states would have left it like it was and the northerly states would have moved to abolish it all together. Let us not block that the southern states were not the only areas that feature slaves.The northern states and citizens did indeed possess slaves in large numbers and many of the politicians thrust the issue of banning it were slave owners themselves. So, in a hypocritical fashion, they were preaching one thing and practicing another. This could not have been favourable to their standpoint at all. Sounds a hand out like our politicians today and the way they pattern government of late. The point made and cognise today is that slavery was wrong, inhuman, and unjust and we get by that today. The reasons or thought process they use then to justify what they were doing boggles the mind and makes you wonder.It should have been made law without question and the Wilmot Proviso was a move towards that fact. The only ones that were pique or involved were the ones that were pra cticing this and most of those were flush farmers and beau crates and the most common of wad could have cared less.[1] http://blueandgraytrial. com/event/Wilmot_Proviso [2] James McPherson, fight Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era. Oxford Press 1988, p. 4 [3] Ibid, p. 4 [4] www. ushistory. org/us/30b [5] Michael F. Holt, The Political Crises of the 1850 s. 1978, p. 50\r\n'

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'Market Equilibrating Process Paper\r'

' grocery Equilibrating Process Paper Economics helps to guess how our efforts to cook goods and the crossways themselves are related, including the monetary aspects. On the national level this is macroeconomics and on a more(prenominal) personal level it is microeconomics. harmonize to McConnell, Brue and Flynn â€Å"The market system permits consumers, resource suppliers, and businesses to betroth and further their self-interest. In competitive markets, damages come up to the residuum level at which bill admited equals cadence supplied.The equipoise price and sum of money are those indicated by the intersection of the bestow and demand curves for any product or resource. An increase in demand increases equaliser price and quantity; a lower in demand decreases equilibrium price and quantity. An increase in fork up reduces equilibrium price but increases equilibrium quantity; a decrease in supply increases equilibrium price but reduces equilibrium quantity. ” Microeconomics and Macroeconomics According to Investopedia â€Å"The field of economics is tough d bear into two distinct areas of croupvas: microeconomics and macroeconomics.Microeconomics looks at the smaller picture and focuses more on basic theories of supply and demand and how individual businesses decide how much of something to produce and how much to charge for it. People who fix any desire to start their own business or who want to swindle the rationale behind the pricing of specific products and services would be more interest in this area. Macroeconomics, on the other hand, looks at the big picture (hence â€Å"macro”). It focuses on the national economy as a whole and provides a basic knowledge of how things work in the business world. individual(prenominal) Economics According to www. bls. gov â€Å"Accountants and auditors help to check off that firms are run efficiently, public records unbroken accurately, and taxes paid properly and on time. They analyse and communicate financial t apieceing for different entities such as companies, individual clients, and Federal, State, and topical anaesthetic governments.Beyond carrying out the fundamental tasks of the occupationâ€providing information to clients by preparing, analyzing, and verifying financial documents†some accountants also offer figure analysis, inancial and enthronement planning, information technology consulting, and limited juristic services. ” I like my career, I am Accountant and I have been conjoin for 7 years with 2 kids, I see how economics impact avocation; from small businesses, like mini markets or restaurants, to big businesses like Wal-mart or Target, each price variation reflects in a home having less science causation of products or services, this is the main reason wherefore studying economics is very all-important(prenominal) and useful to companies and to myself.According to McConnell, Brue and Flynn â€Å"When price chang es, total taxation will change in the opposer direction if demand is price-elastic, in the equal direction if demand is price-inelastic, and not at all if demand is unit-elastic. Price duck soup of demand is greater (a) the larger the publication of substitutes available, (b) the higher the price of a product relative to one’s budget; (c) the greater the extent to which the product is a luxury; and (d) the longer the time degree involved. Summary Economics is useful musical instrument for companies and people because we can understand our acquisition power in the market and the companies can make decisions about their future.References: McConnell, Brue and Flynn (2009). Economics: Problems and Policies (18th ed. ). McGraw-Hill http://www. investopedia. com/ cost/m/microeconomics. asp, Retrieved April12, 2010. http://www. bls. gov, Retrieved April11, 2010.\r\n'

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'Describe why schools have policies and procedures Essay\r'

'Identify the main types of domain and free shoals and describe the characteristics of different types of teachs in relation to educational points and schooldays governance.\r\nThe bulk of state funded schools atomic number 18 retained by topical anaesthetic authorities and follow the interior(a) course, national pay and conditions, they are overseen by topical anesthetic say-so. The differences over state schools are who their staff, who owns the land and constructs and who controls introductions for ex vitamin Ale. Community schools are acquit by local authority and the local authorities employs the staff, owns the land and buildings and settle down the admission policy. However, buns and trust schools are visitation by the brass carcass tho are maintained by local authority. They employ their own staff and sink their own admissions policy and the land and building are usu onlyy owned by the brass body or munificence and is non-profitable. Both examples f ollow the national curriculum and the educational key stages.\r\nKey stage 1: 3-5 yrs\r\nKey stage 2: 5-7 yrs\r\nKey stage 3&4: 11-16 yrs\r\nKey stage 5: 16-18yrs\r\nEvery state school has a organization body, the type and size of the school will decide the size of the brass body. The responsibilities vary for example familiarity schools authorities body consists of a specific go of governors for various categories, the following categories are call forth governor, staff governor, authority governor and community governor. Foundation and trust schools usually decide their own governing body. Both rich person the role of monitoring schools process and telescope targets. So basically they are two state school, only local authority runs community and foundation and run by governing body but maintained my LEA.\r\nIndependent schools are non maintained by local authority or central government, they do not lay down to follow national curriculum but most choose to do so. The orchestrate and the governors decide on admission policies and staffing and the material and structure of the school, they are obliged to picture with the DfE so they can be monitored by ISI. They are profit running schools and some(prenominal) have charitable status so they can apply for tax relief. almost independent schools educational stages are as follows:\r\nPrep school: 4-11yrs\r\nSenior school: 11-16yrs\r\nSixth form: 16-18yrs\r\nThe different types of independent schools are based on where the schools backing comes from for example. Parochial schools are mostly funded by religious groups and managed by the religious initiation to which they belong. The schools are usually governed by lag executive board of governors where they have foundation governors which are appointed by the religious belief they are associated with. One of the main missions would be to teach the religion the school is associated with. Whereas patented or private career schools they are profi t based schools and the schools directors are not ruled by the governing body if they choose to have a governing body. The main mission for these schools would be occupationally related education and market related. Whereas if proprietary school choose to have a governing body it is a limited ashes of governance, they are chosen by the governing body there and the proprietor with the proprietor having the final say in all matters.\r\n'

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'How Music Reflects Society\r'

'During the churrigueresque period, medicine had certain characteristics that are specific to the time period. For practice, Contrast is an grievous characteristic in a baroque sword romance. The differences between loud and soft, solo and ensemble, antithetical instruments and timbres all play an important office staff in many baroque compositions. In previous unisonal eras, a assemble of unison tended to consist of a adept furrow, perhaps with several melodies played simultaneously. non until the baroque period did the concept of â€Å"melody” and â€Å" congruity” truly begin to be used in music.\r\nThe practice of bass segment basso continuo also came into the focus of music during the baroque. The harpsichord was a very openhanded instrument in the music during the baroque, and was feature in many of the pieces. Opera was a new creation during the baroque, and many composers began to redeem opera pieces. An opera is a drama that is primarily sung, accompanied by instruments, and presented on stage. Operas typically alternate between recitative, speech-like outcry that advances the plot, and arias, ph 1 calls in which characters express tinctureings at point points in the action.\r\nChoruses and dances are also oft included. many an new(prenominal)(prenominal) of the operas are based on Greek mythology, and many are religious. Many of the most famous baroque compositions were performed in churches for a service, or as part of a private concert or celebration in the home of a wealthy patron. During the course of the baroque, however, public performances became to a greater extent common, particularly in the genres of opera and oratorio. conjuring trick Sebastian Bach was one of the baroque’s most famous composers. He was innate(p) in Eisenach, Germany, into a family of working musicians.\r\nIn 1695, when he was just nine days old, his parents died and he was sent to live with his brformer(a), Johann Christoph, a n organist. plot of ground the lived with his brother he learned to play the keyboard and studied composition on his own. Bachs entitle is baroque, characterized by a lot of notes, unreserved motoric rhythms, and steady shifts of underlying harmony, he music was described by some great deal as ‘sewing-machine music. But he explored harmony such(prenominal) more deeply than other composers of the time: compared to say Handel or Vivaldi, Bachs music can contain extraordinarily ‘jazzy chords and will jump off to many diverse harmonic areas.\r\nBach’s song Jesus bleibet meine Freude is a perfect example of the music of the baroque era. It features the basso continuo much like many of the other pieces of the baroque. It has a very light feel to it, which was popular of the music during the baroque. Also, a choir, much like a church choir, sings it. The astonish is steady, and the contrast of loud and soft is detect in this piece. The notes go from low, to high, back to low. string are the dominant instrument in this song, and there is not much to the demonstrable music other than voice and one instrument, the violin.\r\n'

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'Funeral Oration of Pericles Essay\r'

'In the reading of the Funeral Oration of Pericles, I do not believe what Pericles says roughly capital of Greece. I believe he made his speech to foster esprit de corps for his hoi polloi and for the soldiers, and to adjudge the struggle going. In the Funeral Oration of Pericles, they were on that point to pay back the fallen soldiers and to watch a burial for them, but Pericles made it about the war. He used it to boost morale for the soldiers, to nab them excited and to give them a reason to keep fighting, he also used it to give a reason behind the war to the citizens. It was a policy-making move on its own. These tactics argon palliate used in the world today, such as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and as far endure as the Gettysburg Address. Pericles believed that personal glory was one of the archaic things you could have, and fighting in the war and giving your life-time for your city was one of the highest glories you could bestow, so in that locationfore he glorified the war not the people that lost(p) their lives fighting in it. Pericles was trying to persuade the people that the war was worth people losing their lives over and that there was a meaning and cause for it. The funeral oration tail end be seen in the world today with the war in Iraq, where the President gives the speeches about why we are fighting in a war, the reasons and the cause, which is really not known today, such as weapons of mass destruction, it was say that Iraq possessed these and come to find out they had none, so many people lost their lives for what reason? there was hype, and glorification given to the men and women that fought, to boost their morale and for them to know they were doing something that helped the country. The President tried to persuade the citizens with his speeches that it was meet and there was a reason for the war. In conclusion, the top dog asked was do I believe everything Pericles says about A indeeds in the Funeral Oration. Th e answer to that would be no. I do not believe that Pericles was there to honor the fallen soldiers. I believe he was there to persuade the citizens and the soldiers that what they were doing was right and was just and if they continued then they would be glorified.\r\n'

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'Economic Growth and Financial Development\r'

'There ar three views about the relation between stintingal increment and fiscal ontogeny. First, fiscal development has involve on stinting ontogenesis (i. e. Bagehot, 1873; Schumpeter, 1912; McKinnon, 1973; Shaw, 1973; Patrick, 1966; Goldsmith, 1969; Fry, 1973). Second, economical gain leads to monetary development and that where there is economic step-up pecuniary development lines (i. e. Robinson, 1952). The third view, however, contends that both pecuniary development and economic suppuration Granger source one another.In the essay, our group focus on the offset view which pecuniary development will has passive voice influence on economic growth. During the year from 1955 to 1993, numerous scholars has study the dealingship between fiscal development and economic growth. Along with the time goes, the theory that pecuniary development will real promote economic growth has been more and more prefect. In the eld between 1950s and 1960s, economists such as Gurley and Shaw began to vehemence the credit markets and the enormousness of pecuniary intermediaries, which they believed play an alpha role in economy. 5] They argued that tradition monetary infection system mechanism ignores the factor of financial structure and financial flow and only pays attention to the total step of money and the connection of the output. In 1955, Gurley and Shaw bring up the development of financial institution is both a determined and determining variable in the growth process. (Gurley and Shaw, 1995, p. 532). Gurley and Shaw stressed that financial intermediaries exert influence on credit append rather than money supply.In this way, financial intermediaries improve the efficiency of deliverances turning into investments and consequently affect the whole economic activities. They ar the soonest scholars to study in-depth the family between financial and economic development in developing countries. Gurley and Shaw pointed out that the briny access road of monetary insurance transmission probably have diverted from money quantity, which is traditionally thought as the medium of exchange.Whereas, the â€Å"financial potency” of economy would has a closer family with the blunt expenditure. They put forward financial development conjure ups the mediation of giveable funds and therefore growth will be stimulated and they have a debt-mediation view. The Debt-intermediation view establishes relations between finance and growth. First, economic growth would be associated with financial development, as external indirect finance provides surplus units with the capacity to spend beyond their earnings.Second, growth would stimulate and be stimulated by the â€Å"institutionalisation of saving and investment”; income grows, richer wealth-holders will increase their desire to turn their asset portfolio. If financial innovation is such to keep this â€Å"diversification claim”, financial institutions squ irt enhance their lending capacity and thus boost growth; the process becomes a cycle. Gurley and Shaw has earlier pointed that the growing importance of NBFI (non-bank financial intermediaries) when they discussed their activities about potentially serious problems for monetary management and monetary policy. 1] Subsequent analysis of the problems had to dickens results. [2] First, if the monetary authorities exerted control over the financial system through the operating of the financial markets, monetary management would not be undermined. [3] Second, which placed detail restrictions on banks, at that time the dominant financial entities, the growing role of NBFI was stimulated in differentiate by the opportunities for intermediation created by monetary policy measures.These contributions stressed the relevance for financial â€Å"deepening” (mean financial development) of rising wealth and income, then attempts to control the activities of financial intermediaries. Wea lth and income incent the demand for financial services. Restrictions and Controls on financial intermediaries create the stimulation for further financial intermediation by generatingâ€Å"quasi-rents” that risk among participants in financial and keen markets and reflect differences in information. 4] However, Gurley and Shaw do not incubate the aftermath of causality between financial development and economic growth. In 1966, Patrick make the causality slew is addressed, he comprise theâ€Å"stage of development” guess, where the burster of causality between financial development and economic growth changes over the course of development. [6] Two hypotheses are developed, one is Demand-following hypothesis: a causal relationship from real to finance and the other is Supply-leading hypothesis: a causal relationship from finance to growth.The supply-leading hypothesis supposes a causal relationship from financial development to economic growth, which means matu re creation of financial institutions and markets increases the supply of financial services, and thus leads to real economic growth. Patrick suggests that initial development is spurred by supply-leading process, which gives way to demand-following process. He posed financial institutions and services emerge as demand for those services unfolds. The idea is that finance is passive in the growth process, but lack of financial institutions may prevent growth to occur.Financial institutions and their services precede the egress of demand; government support is needed to finance and nascent modern sector, such as subsidised loans, information to small business and long loan durations. He points out the importance of finance in economic growth. The difficulty of establishing the link between financial development and economic growth was first place by Patrick (1966), he argued that a higher rank of financial growth is positively correlated with no-hit real growth. [7] In his theo ry, commercial banks may issue banknotes and accept â€Å"easy” collaterals. Easy loan” can induce economic growth, for it can finance innovation-type investment, however, in fact it can also induce authoritative borrowing. Since the important work of Patrick, that first postulated a bi-directional relationship between financial development and economic growth. A large empirical literature has emerged testing this hypothesis as the Patricks (1966) problem remains unresolved: What is the wooing and what is the effect? Is finance a leading sector in economic development, or does it simply follow growth in real output which is generated elsewhere. References: [1] de Oliviera Campos, R. 1964) â€Å" scotch Development and Inflation with Special Reference to Latin America” in Development Plans and Programmes Paris: disposal for Cooperation and Development [2] Duesenberry, J. S. and M. F. McPherson (1991) â€Å"Monetary Management in sub-Saharan Africa” HIID Development Discussion Papers no. 369, January [3] Friedman, M. (1973) silver and Economic Development The Horowitz Lectures of 1972 New York: Praeger Publishers [4] Malcolm F. McPherson and Tzvetana Rakovski (1999) â€Å"Financial intensify and Investment in Africa: Evidence from Botswana and Mauritius”, Copyright 1999 Malcolm F.McPherson, Tzvetana Rakovski, and electric chair and Fellows of Harvard College [5] Liu Pan Xie Tao (2006) The Monetary Policy Transmission in China-â€Å"Credit Channel” And Its Limitations, Working Papers of the crease Institute Berlin at the Berlin School of Economics (FHW-Berlin) [6] Anthony P. forest and Roland C. Craigwell Financial Development and Economic Growth: scrutiny Patrick’s Hypothesis for Three Caribbean Economies [7] Philip Arestis (2005) FINANCIAL relaxation AND THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FINANCE AND GROWTH, University of Cambridge\r\n'

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'Peer Pressure Essay\r'

'Introduction consort pinch is a social curve exerted on an individual by others in order to get that person to answer or believe in a resembling way. It is used by a social group, a great dole out with the implication that â€Å"everybody’s doing it. ” This influence understructure be negative or positive, with a successful lead being a change in a person’s behavior. Nearly all children find some configuration of associate compress, whether at school, at church or at home among siblings. As a kind of social contract, it dominates pre young life. some(prenominal) teens become absorbed into different cliques and groups, spending slight clock with their families.\r\nMuch of the own(prenominal)ity of a teen pot be shaped by a mate group. Negative confederate draw push aside be a dangerous tool against children, specially younger or insecure children. They may be persuaded to take actions they might otherwise not endure considered, such as s moking cig arettes, drinking alcoholic beverage or taking drugs. match pressure is a problem for self-aggrandisings, who may be coerced, for example, into buying a house or car they fuel’t afford in an effort to â€Å"keep up with the Joneses. ” Peer pressure is not always negative, however. A student whose friends excel in academics may be compelled to study hard and get rock-steady grades.\r\n bend can to a fault be exerted to get a friend off drugs or to athletic supporter an adult take up a good vesture or drop a large one. get wind groups, class projects and athletic groups are examples of positive companion groups. Why I chose the topic †I indomitable to chose this topic be motility in the Indian Education ashes children experience a sudden thrust of immunity and responsibility to shape their future at the aforementioned(prenominal) time. In such cases, they can either be well-guided or mis-guided. Peer pressure may similarly lead to stress an d anxiety. Teens have a ingroup of issues that can cause them anxiety.\r\nThe two major settings for this peer pressure teen stress are in their home blisterings and in the college setting. The stressors are many and diverse. Their feelings can be affected by some of the issues listed under: * The feelings that others and also inside themselves tell them they should do and how they should effect. * Peer pressure teen stress is also caused by the way they feel they are viewed by adults in the college setting. * The peer pressure teen stress to perform in the grades and work they do. * Problems with socializing with other teens. Problems at home with family members. * Having a low self worth. * everlastingly having verbal conflicts with their friends and family. * Low income living conditions for the family. * Peer pressure teen stress is sometimes caused by a major event ca utilise grief or trauma within the family. This could be death, an illness, or parents change integrity u p. * A split in the relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend. * The neighborhood in which they live is not a good place. * Having to move to a new home is yet a cause of the peer pressure teen stress. Having to adapt to a new school/college environment. Objectives of the project: The main scarcet of the project is to discuss the issue of peer pressure under â€Å"no pressure”. The students must be made to understand how they can grasp the good and leave the bad. The project tries to distinguish between right(a) Peer Pressure and Bad Peer Pressure. It analyses diverse aspects that cause such a pressure and bumps a solution to the same. The project also deceases a relieve for overcoming bad peer pressure. The project also makes suggestions as to how can peer-pressure-struck children can be helped.\r\nThe project also tries to examine the reasons that make children book-in to peer pressure. Here are some other reasons why people hold up in to peer pressure, that are less cognize but equally as responsible. • The lose of authorization to go one’s own way. It is easier to sustain the footsteps of another than to make your own. in that location is also a certain level of safety that comes with honoring another. winning the road less traveled by making your own choices takes self-confidence and self-assurance. • The desire to avoid embarrassment. to a greater extent people fear embarrassment more than death.\r\n discerning this, it is easy to see how important effective discourse can be in responding to peer pressure. For example, if a bunch of peers surround a teen and asked him if he wants to smoke a cigarette identical the ministration of them have, and all the teenager can think of is, â€Å"but… my mom said I should just opine no. ” then he is in trouble. It is surmount to prepare yourself and your children with witty, yet clear and firm chemical reactions to know peer pressures. For example, in the above situation the teenager could say, â€Å"Hmmm, spend my life wasting money, offending people, having bad breath, and killing myself…. o thanks. ” A good response cannot only save one from embarrassment, but give others the confidence to not give in to the peer pressure as well. Those who lead are lots well respected by those who follow. • The lack of using one’s own mind. Again it is reacting, sooner than responding that causes one to get in trouble. Think approximately the consequences of your actions, both present and future. Don’t give in and sacrifice your long-term goals for short-term gratification. • The lack of unbiased information. When someone feels pressure from peers, they are oft presented with biased information.\r\nAgain it is preparation that can help one to avoid peer pressure by knowing all the facts. Anticipate peer pressure in life and get the facts from a accepted source. Educate yourself and your children â⠂¬ move into’t count on the school system to do it. Some of the more common peer pressures experienced in juvenility that can be prepared for today are smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex, cutting class and committing crimes. The biggest peer pressure in adulthood is being expected to behave, act, and perform like your peers rather than becoming the person you are suitable of becoming.\r\nKnow the reasons for and against these pressures. imagings referred: ? bullying Prevention Program http://www. clemson. edu/olweus/ ? buck Action Against Bullying www. bullybeware. org ? Steps to Respect: A Bully Prevention Program www. cfchildren. org/str. html ? gap the Cycle of Violence: Intervention for Bullying and using (1996) By Richard J. Hazler ? How to Say No and Keep your Friends: Peer Pressure Reversal for ? Teens and Pre-Teens (1997). By Sharon Scott ? CAFS Teacher confabulation Volume 1(3) 1996 http://education. indiana. du/cas/tt/v3i3/peerpress. html Preventing Classroom Bul lying: What Teachers Can Do (2003). By Jim Wright http://jimwrightsonline. com/pdfdocs/bully/bullyBooklet. pdf ? Resource for parents: http://sitemaker. umich. edu/356. darnell/advice_for_parents Conclusions: Growing up, everyone will experience some form of peer pressure. Peer pressure is the control and influence people of our age may have on us. Peer pressure can occur in many kinds of relationships. The way we respond to peer pressure can have a great push on the decisions we make and, in shepherds crook, our total health.\r\n in that respect are many different types of peer pressure. There is positive, negative, and manipulation. Positive peer pressure is not express to following or setting good examples of what to do. It can also provide examples of what not to do. A teen whose friends do not use alcohol or other drugs may be positively influenced to follow their example. Being a good role simulation is also a great way to introduce positive peer pressure. Influencing pee rs to take part in a positive act or worthy cause is a healthful way of influencing others. It can be contagious.\r\nWe are primarily social beings with a strong need to break. Throughout our life, we search for the sense of balance between independence and committedness. How much of ourselves do we give up/compromise in order to belong? The teenage years (and pre-teen) are a time of shifting focus of belonging from family to peers as darn also developing a personal identity. Because kids don’t yet have the maturity to grasp or to understand the potential consequences of being influenced by their friends, it is difficult for them to see the pitfalls of poor relationships and negative peer pressure.\r\nThis project is designed to walk us by dint of the inquiry and clarification of the need to feel connected and belong, as well as to be current to one’s self while assessing the poisonous affects of peer pressure. In addition to the inquiry looking at at the costs/ benefits belonging, it will identify strategies to deal with negative peer pressure and ways to turn it around, creating positive peer pressure, building leadership and personal power.\r\n'

Saturday, December 15, 2018

'A Proposal to Purchase Echocardiography Machine\r'

'Dear Sir, I would c atomic number 18 to offer the proposal of purchasing an echocardiography machine, which in my proposition is an pushnt need for our hospital because of its large cardiac department.I would like to put forward my proposal in front of the panel of judges to justify my urge to buy the equipment as it is a need and an summation to the hospital as well.Such greetly equipment should only be purchased when trained staff, ready to give undertaking of its best utilization, is available. This becomes all the more important when the financial constraints in the institution are so severe that til now animation saving medicines and common use items are not available even in the Emergency.EchocardiographyEchocardiography is a technique that uses very high frequency sound, or ultrasound (with frequency between 2 and 15 MHz, well above the human hearing place of about 20 kHz), to visualize the details of amount anatomy. Echocardiography is the most widely used diagnost ic examination to detect and quantify heart disease. It has been used in virtually all areas of cardiovascular examination, evaluation and management.There is outgrowth interest in the smaller, portable, hand-carried devices because they offer the ability to consider echocardiography to point-of-care management, particularly for cases that previously required delays in interrogatory due to the necessity of scheduling sonographers and moving equipment by dint of the hospital.Hand-carried devices have the potential to be used in areas such as the critical care social unit (CCU), the cardiac catheterization laboratory, the electrophysiology laboratory, the emergency department and all functional intensive care units.There is also a move conviction that because of the ease of use of the hand-carried ultrasound, it eventually leave alone be incorporated into the standard physical examination, a good deal like the stethoscope is today.Price Of Echocardiography MachineAn echocard iography machine can be purchased at approx $125,000 (Leech, 1998). These machines do not depreciate easily physically; however, they rapidly become outdated technically. An echocardiography machine a great deal and technologically can not live up to five years. For this reason, and to give a better intent to the machinery, the manufactures regularly provide upgrades to the machines, which enhance the technical life of the machine to up to 12 years.To take a rough idea, the up-gradation at the rate of at least(prenominal) 5 % per year of the purchasing cost, go out cost $30,000 to every 3â€5 years. As hood sum can generate some margin interest could, the ‘cost of money’ is required to be included. In the United States, the Government’s treasury rate is 6%. Servicing the machine will be charged annually at about 6â€8% of the purchasing cost (Leech, 1998).\r\n'

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'Animal vs. Plant Cells\r'

'Animal and prepargon prison cellular ph atomic number 53s induce numerous of the same characteristic. Animal cells and define cells are twain eukaryotes. They some(prenominal) have cell nucleus which admit chromosomes or DNA, as well as cell membrane encompassing the cell to control the substances lamentable in and out of the cell. They both contain enzymes from liposome for break d own larger molecules. Animal and limit cells both transport protein into and out of cells through endoplasmic reticulum and have vacuoles where food, piss, and nutrients are stored as well as entrust stability for a workings.\r\nThree Differences Along with the similarities, at that place are also fights between fleshly cells and plant cells. Plant cells contain chloroplast to help make their own food whereas animal cells do not and animal cells do not possess a cell wall like plant cells do. Another difference is the shape of the cells. Animal cells are circular in nature and plant ce lls are rectangular. Although animal cells and plant cells both contain vacuoles: the function, quantity, and size of the vacuoles are contrary in each cell.\r\nFood and waste are stored in one or more trivial vacuoles in animal cells whereas plant cells contain one large vacuole which is mainly used for storing water and providing the plant with stability. Five Internal Structures of a Plant nearly internal structures of plant cells are ribosomes, chloroplasts, nucleus, Golgi body, and central vacuole. Ribosomes are responsible for synthesizing protein and amino acid to be released inner(a) and outside the cell.\r\nChloroplasts capture sunlight energy to modernise food for plants through photosynthesis. The nucleus is the brain of the plant; it contains DNA to characterize each cell into a specific type. The Golgi body sorts proteins and cell nutrients and releases small amounts into the cytoplasm. The central vacuole is the storage bin and backbone to the plant. It stores fo od and water for the plant as well as providing faculty and stamina for the plant stem.\r\n'

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'The Theme of Perfection and Imperfect in the Poem ‘God’s Grandeur’\r'

'In the poesy ‘God’s wideness’ by Gerard Manley Hopkins, the theme of im idol and god is highlighted. The majority of the poem is a contrast between im undefiledion and perfection. The premier stanza discusses the contrast between the two themes; perfection and imperfection, magical spell in the second stanza; God’s perfection is mainly spoken about. Perfection The mere championship of this poem suggests the poem is about something great and powerful. The ledger ‘grandeur’ is defined as splendour and impressiveness. This tidings is frequently used when referring to appearance or 10dency and is a synonym and implication of perfection.Therefore, the poem’s title is suiting and signifies God’s perfection and His grace. In the poem, the earth and nature is too seen as a symbol of perfection, as it is made and controlled by God. This is evident in line one, which quotes â€Å"The world is aerated with the grandeur of God. â € This shows that nature is seen as pure and it is renew at this point to be slowly changed by imperfections such(prenominal) as universe. In line six-spot it is stated that ‘all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with dirty; And wears man’s smudge and man’s smell. However nature is relentless and proves itself to always be perfect, no matter how many attempts man tries to exterminate it, it just always finds a way kick back what harm man does to it. Lines nine and ten state ‘…nature is never spent; in that location lives the dearest freshness deep down things. ’ These phrases clear prove that the earth will not sustain its purity payable to man. The Holy Ghost’s presence with vitality and life and al lucent things are what keep the earth together, with warm breath and bright wings. ImperfectionIn the poem ‘God’s Grandeur’ the theme of imperfection directly deals with the attitude and the bodily f unction of man. God has blessed man with a tremendous earth, a natural home with abundant resources to assistance man to survive, but unfortunately man has plough blind and ungrateful. For centuries man has destroyed the earth for selfish gain. This canister be shown by the phrase ‘the daub is now bare’, which holds the image of a desolate, teetotal earth whose resources were used for the wrong purposes. The phrase ‘nor can foot feel’ hich contains an example of alliteration and also imagery, shows how man has separated himself both physically and spiritually from nature and the earth which God has blessed them with and wherefore they are also separating themselves from God. The poet’s tone of gratitude and amazement throughout most of the poem all the way shows his letdown of man’s treatment to the earth due to ignorance selfishness and ingratitude which contribute to man’s imperfection. make up the phrase ‘why do men therefore now not reck his rod? ’ show that the poet does not understand why man does not give God the thanks and respect that He is due.Unfortunately man does not realize that by trying to armed service themselves , they are actually hurting themselves , since they are destroying something that is guardianship them alive. Most of the book of Matthew chapter five , especially Matthew 5:48 which states ‘you therefore must be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect’ clearly shows that due to man’s sin , such as selfishness, hatred, ignorance and in relation to the poem the employ of God’s blessings , which contribute to man’s imperfection, can resultantly separate us from God.\r\n'

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'Planned Parenthood Federation of America\r'

' aforethought(ip) line Federation of America (PPFA) delivers decisive health c are function, sex education, and sexual health schooling to millions of women, men, and young people. As stated in their website, they â€Å"deliver comprehensive and medically accurate information that empowers women, men, teens, and families to make informed choices and lead healthy lives. Planned Parenthood is proud of its vital role in providing young people with honest sexuality and descent information in classrooms and online”.If we are to evaluate their services and advocacy based on the criteria of evaluating the merit of earn types, we can say that their services cater to the supposition of consumer sovereignty. This benefit type is basically centered on providing choices to the consumer or target market of Planned Parenthood’s services. The constitution basically advocates a pro-choice come near when it comes to accept take hold methods which reachs counter to more pr inciples advocated by religious mathematical groups.Planned Parenthood’s approach basically counters the idea of coercion and intrusion into the cover lives of individuals, basically in making choices about birth control methods, sex education, and women’s health. However, this kind of liberal thinking is unacceptable in some cultures. Thus, although the organization promotes the improvement of the sexual health and well-being of individuals and families globally, their actions run counter to conservative cultures and organizations (especially the churches).Although it has local partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean their advocacy for promoting women’s choice when it comes to birth control makes them a bitter opponent against the establishment. Their vocal and point-blank global partners are considered to be intruding already into the privacy of families and society in general. That somehow dilutes the benefits that are provided by the o rganization to the public, by shifting the focus of the public from the benefits of their advocacy to the harmful effects of their group’s activist actions.\r\n'