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The Your Full NameInstructor s NameCourse Name and NumberToday s DateThe family is the most universal aspect of on the whole favorable institutions . We k right away of no monastic order - past or present , of no civilization - high or broken in without a family system . According to Maclver and Page , family is by out-of-the-way(prenominal) the most great primary roots . It is the smallest and the most intimate group of confederacy . It occupies a `nuclear position in the social structure . In many simpler societies and in the more mature senile societies , the whole social structure is built of family units . flush in modern complex civilizations the local community is normally a union of families . In the family , old and young mustinessiness escort to make ever - changing adjustments to their ever - changing roles in the life - cycleIn any universal society , certain(p) essential things must be d unmatched for and by the members if that society is to consort . Provision must be made for -Replacement of membersStratification of certain economical wants for foodProtection of the members against injury from other persons or animalsSocialization of the new membersArrangement for vacant time and recreation activities , andSatisfaction of human desire for love , ticker , guarantor from a world of stress and struggle , and comfortIndian The traditional Indian family was of the give voice-type . A joint family , as defined by Karve , is a group of people who cosmopolitanly live mass the stairs one roof , who eat cooked food at one hearth , who hold property in trinity estate and who participated in common family worships and are related to for each one other as some particular type of kin (p . 10 . such(prenominal) a family consisted of men having a common a common anthropoid ancesto r , female offspring not stock-still marrie! d , and women brought into the group by trades union The members in the joint family , however , included the dead and unborn as sound . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The living members of the family were , in fact , trustees of the house which belongs to the pitris (the ancestors , in the interests of the putras (the future members of the family . The central idea here is the worship of the family (Kula ) as a temple of sacred traditions (Parampara (Prabhu ,. 219 . The parents were morally obliged to recall duad for their children , and the children are expected to accept parental prime(prenominal) . thither was no room for `romantic love as a basi s of marital selection . A support marriage (at least for the wife ) was abhorred . Devotion to the husband was considered as the authoritative duty of the wife . Since marriage took place at an previous(predicate) age , there were many child widows who were doomed to light about the rest of their lives without a husband . In general , the contour of widows in the deceased husband s family , if they had no male children , were weensy better than servants In short , the position of fair sex in one word was lowThus , the traditional Indian family , although ceased to live on now , was characterized by its unique featuresReferenceMaclver...If you want to get a replete essay, order it on our website:

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