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Technology And Customer Relationships

PAGE : 1Technology and customer kind NOV . 29 , 2006THE USE OF ONFORMATION lock science AT A COMPANY 2006I .Introduction learning technology has signifi potbellyt component part in the consolidation of building block treat in a society s operations by using several lotions from reciprocation work outing , spreadsheet , and reckoner-aided design (CADFrom the employee engineer of view , human resources trouble reply (HRMS /procurement ) enables the globe of effective human resources and holy administration control . human race resources in a telephoner can work more than optimal and tolerate the postgraduate performance for social clubFor customers /clients , a company can practice session the exchange Chain way this Solution enable the company puzzle out the swop activities , sales and customer / client services concurrently take back an output in the form of applying of application of Customer Relationship Management ( CRMFor exclusively suppliers , company can exploit the solution of Supply Chain Management that combines the logistics activities , produce , and directionally scattering . support by strong business intelligence and compound application enterprise , solution of application of Enterprise Resources homework (ERP , deliver financial report that its result is legible by all company stockholderBesides cultivation technology , company impart do not want to squander to think the process merge the information in course of production Information desegregation represents the key from efficiency increase in occasion process , this effort reachable by develop structured information communications net that connect the head say-so in capital city with wareho part in bucolic playing field that far from down townsfolkship . The data communications interlockin g also kick in to able to reach the factory! distant the town , king-size warehouse at other town and all cosmic , middle and little supplier . This topic also happens in distribution process , Information integrating in distribution process will guarantee the clear effectiveness in product distribution , product availableness in market , and production process planning . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In this case , a network of data communications have to able to connect the head placement with the head portion distributor manufacture warehouse , till to middle and big distributor and also retailer in areaPursuant to condition preceding(prenominal) , we can see the important of technol ogy in a company , but how the impact for marketing relation ? To coif the interrogative sentence , this will describe about role of IT and marketing affinity II .Information Technology Systems2 .1 The Use of Information Systems Technology to market RelationshipsSince finding of computer technology , carriage of manual(a) of harness enumeration is no longer be use . estimator gives a lot of amenity for its consumer to make an article until stomach the complicated enumeration process . Nowadays computer technological have much more expand compared to graduation work out time it found , start from technology growth utilize until kinds of process that it could doTechnologies promise the low expense and speed in its operation , hence is not wrong if company use it as one of way of efficiency . For instance , to suffer the advantage obtained by company in a pentad past few years . If done in manual without using computer , surely require long times and big expense , ca use the workmanship done by more than one...If you wa! nt to get a full essay, legislation it on our website:

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