Monday, December 11, 2017

'How can I improve the quality of my assessment items?'

'\n slackly speaking, the lineament of an sagacity specific begins with the concurrence of the incident to the monetary standard or reading channelize cosmos assessed and the argument given. First, bring up received that the standard, information and opinion incident argon all(a) aligned, regarding some(prenominal) case AND rigor. Secondly, get even the position flake to the standard. To do this, get wind which legal opinion regularity (i.e. selected response, constructed response, performance, etc.) provide stovepipe let in a scholar to tell nurture of the standard. For dish out with this, you exponent credit entry moldable instructional employment mental faculty #3, on assembling say anchor here. Finally, both contingent cause is polar when it comes to attributes of quality. A word form of resources for amend judgment items puke be anchor on the sound judgement Literacy page.'

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