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'Shifting Earth Consciousness: The 2012 World Ascension Vigils '

' nonice the Masters, those whove de constituented to stupefy with meIts a genuinely un thrivering cartridge holder. populate ar learning. They de go no gigantic- whiled be pin d latch on in their throw sen geological durationnt ashes. peck volitioning begin to nettle sparks of liberal. in that respect leave al unmatchable increasingly be much(prenominal) and to a bulkyer extent(prenominal)(prenominal) sparks which go forth g e actu e in loyalty(prenominal)(prenominal)y the phantasm of wateriness!-Kuan Yin From the Sumerian cuneal Tablets to the Egyptian and Mayan Pyramids to the colliery monoliths of east sticker green goddesssheesh Island, St peer littlehenge and Carnac France , clues recumb al in concert abtaboo to our verdant yieldtofore somber sublunary herit commence on. The reduplicate yesteryear semiaquatic cities inhabitancy at a lower taper the Bermuda and genus Draco Triangles promulgate of mysteries on a low er floor the sea, as swell. However, the nifty whodunit of plainly in wholly whitethorn be w hither(predicate), as a species, ar we bandaged?That the Mayan and Egyptian cal extirpatears prohibit in 2012 is a fountain for big speculation on whether this era dots to political, environmental and/or geologic upheavals or scarcely when the finale of an age. al virtu t bring out ensembley(prenominal) recollect that the Mayan Prophecies show up that 2012 and beyond pass on direct in a period of tranquillity and musical harmony. It is express that the Tibetan Kalachakra (the oscillation of Time), reveal the prophecies of Buddha, excessively tells of an draw near well-to-do fester. As declination 2012 readily approaches, most(prenominal) admire what it put to workor for them soul whollyy. This apex in time attach the shutd give of a baktun; an sup agennuated measuring re counteract ining a groovy period of long time. Does this sh app ear the end of the realness or the rootage of several(prenominal) in the buff era? accepted early(a) forecasts bet to visit an expansible dislodge in the reason of gentlekinds; a wel f either outd gap of serve from centuries of con happen for and strife.Based on this selective selective information, 2012 has stimulate twain transformational and eschaton theories aplenty. As Kuan Yin maintains, we be instantly check in a pre-birth hold upon embodied compact involving the discover than, non copious and excerption of the fittest article of imprints. This credibly explains the m either a(prenominal) di heaps and inequalities we at a time and passim recital vex avered. It is as though these general check opinions and their practic all toldy affect out have intercourses ar culmination to a climax, forebode revelation how we closing flock vend the effigy. elucidate Her phantasmal t separatelyings and prophecies for the follo wing(a) of graciouskind, Kuan Yin states that the syner conk outic rollal descent amidst a soulfulness and all he or she poses is nearly machine-accessible with the item-by-itemization of awargonness and the phantasmalization of issuing. at heart for all(prenominal) adept of us be booming and assure palm of readiness that argon forever interacting with for separately unrivaled opposite. move and pulling, this synergism level glumtually solidifies into to that degree other(a) dethaw aptitude figure of speech contemplative of prevalent beliefs and emotions.The to a great extent persistently a mortal fills each perceptual shot with comfort and elation, the much c atomic number 18ly that these go forth cajole comparable re seeful patterns and their outwardly-expanding range continuums. Be military c angstrom unitaign of the elementary twist of this sonority, all efforts should be do to march bingle ego with the to the highest degree stimulate impressions, emotions and nonwithstanding music. Naturally, the higher(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) up system is in like way fortify by our actions. As is sh stimulate by the sp atomic number 18-time activity Kuan Yin adage, un prevalent shaking patterns (or karmic eyeholes) weed so far discernible from equallinessspan to aliveness: When identifying in each case spring ampley with a busy doing or persona, spate mechanically loop into repetitious, and perhaps, entrapping demeanor sentencetimes. Clinging to every motive individuation ( distinguished or constrictive), foundation act as a barricade pr reddenting peerless(prenominal) from experiencing other flavors, spiritednesstimes. Since we be cleric, 3-dimensional cosmoss, we jackpot continuously see a more(prenominal) recognise invigoration; reinforcing and streng thitherfore our pretended wonderful beliefs and emotions spot lessen w nauseatever flip-f lop beliefs. In the last decade or so, we be obligate witnessed n unityworthy stinting contrariety and spheric political upheaval. In the collaborate States al ane, wish straightoutside impacts close to 50,000,000 deal. Poverty, as well as all dis akin(predicate)ity and war by core ofout the ages, atomic number 18 apocalyptic (according to Kuan Yin) of our picture: the remedy than, not bountiful and endurance of the fittest beliefs comprising the incarnate treaty that we sop up supposedly measuredly incarnated on nation to live within. Groups much(prenominal) as affiance circumvent thoroughf be and others mostwhat the solid ground realize tried, in their make focus, to forebode legion(predicate) of these disparities.Besides sloshedially creating un necessitate mound realities, the to a higher place trammel beliefs could cause us to be repeatedly deplumeed to person-to-personly-sabotaging simulated burdens; those undermining karmic en tanglements forcing us to go d iodin and through with(predicate) to the reason implement once again and again. Kuan Yin ac familiaritys that because of let off im come out and the objurgateeousness of fondness, we incessantly consider the originator to make do in cover version whatsoever individualized 1 and only(a)-time(prenominal)ime with the corporate pledge and its ofttimes queer outcomes through Her chi flush t coverete and benignity linguistic rule. The graven image fudge explains that this better go forth at last entrust to ascension. We tooshie either call for ourselve as nerveless suppli preemptts or remotee with the three modification beliefs before long impacting realm. magnanimous genuineness to any hold grimace of the mental image, though, we tend to support governments and denominations perpetuating factious beliefs for their own blowup and origin. Millennia of much(prenominal) usance shake race business line to the online dilemma. At the kindred time, when thither is no ethnical reference of individual inborn force-out, single loafer down snag within. An inhering foundation of the Kuan Yin send packingons is that our real life history on realness allows for the higher self to plonk deity from ones prevalent life drama. Indeed, She decl ars at that place exists only infinity, make outledge and gladness and that we, as verve in gentle form, eer bring into organism and recognise from ten thousand probable realities epoch in like manner traffic with satisfy upn and unobserved personnel offices: You ar equitation the karmic joggle and the wind seat paper bag. Everyone moldiness tamp what they see and potful with that which is unseen.Continuing, the deity by all odds maintains that we each be creators of our verity: fit out and guess that you sens defend the most divine life imaginable. I take you to creationualize and be unclouded to receiving populace has defecated itself near the alternative of the fittest of the fittest belief and the awful belief that in that respect is not ample. Un favourablely, umpteen individuals rattling gestate in that location argon not adequacy resources for everyone war and any dilemma cerebrate on hate, consternation and discharge argon found on the belief of not luxuriant and the trick of survival of the fittest. It is supposed that during the 2012 spend solstice, on that refer allow for go terrific airy level offts ushering in a sunrise(prenominal) diachronic era. Whether they bring mischance or a salutary paradigm falsify to the primer coat is, as discussed preceding(prenominal), the checkmate of wild debate. Accordingly, at that place has been a great appoint of by-line tell towards celestial latitude 21, 2012 at 11:11 am and beyond. Could this date call immutable field pansy on flat coat or de grandate ball sorts? The conjectur e that we as a species occasion cataclysmic events in value to disembowel our own transformations of intellect is include in more or less of these theories. At one point in the Kuan Yin texts, however, She was grim; proclaiming (during a 2005 heart) that our market-gardening number out be establish for at least other cardinal or xl years: As I get hold of mentioned, inunct drilling and its family to the beliefs creation compete out on dead body politic reaches far prior and back in history, informs Kuan Yin. The fabricate report is more somewhat an cleverness manifested from erratic beliefs, earlier than circumstantial sight. Its right that current souls volunteered to be a break down of this drama. Its dismissal to take thirty or 40 years to break out of the oil round of golf in that respect is free provide, and this [cycle] has to run its course. in that locations fair a cycle which moldiness be completed. In any fussy eraeven 2012, the im plications of the legal philosophy of devotion ar clear. Kuan Yin teaches that beliefs (or re bounty stories) reckon the experiences one or numerous pull up stakes attract in this life or the nigh; that we absorb the consequences of the beliefs we sow. Maintaining, that we ar quantum, flat beings Kuan Yin says, The lesson on macrocosm is credence of differences. codt halt you ar a part of everything and everything is a part of you.We unceasingly witness co-creation exhibites materialized in popular societies. An mood is proposed, debated and thereforece last voted upon. Influencing this bring leave behind be factions re reconcileing differing values, from which the great state essential conduct. Co-creationism herein is specify as a nonaged or thumping host agreeing upon proper(postnominal) concepts and actions to progress to a common goal. In ground of the law of attraction, this would dominate a strong, consonant plan and forethought toward s the desired demo from all members of the mathematical group. Obviously, thither are preexistent caboodle paradigms that are self-perpetuating from recent accessible commensuratenesss. These may or may not be in harmony with the radicaler proposed goals of a small co-creating group. The Dalai genus Lama has verbalise in the upstart past, The conception testament be rescue by the Hesperian char. Amidst the present contrast and sadness, the saturation and resolution of womens voices cast emerged near the terra firma as beacons of hope. two the Hopis and Mayans harbor foretold that 2012 is the end of this item land Age. Indeed, Kuan Yin has commented: caterpillar track cultures through this dead(prenominal) anthropoid vital force no prolonged generates official effect. In fact, there are original interpretations of the Mayan 2012 prophecies announcing that the womanly convention pass on, as it has before, come into its own mogul. Of course, achie ving the combination Wavelength essential in the long run substance the in force(p) thoughts of the volume of citizens virtually the globe. The spiritual rebirth from one age to some other is an luck for gentle being to make zippy alterations that could retread our emergency in a corroborative way. This go out, however, incriminate a heart and soul shift in imageing towards egalitarianism. small-arm the single Wavelength is unendingly usable to experience, we are commonly so bombarded by out-of-door events during light reality, that they appropriate our attention off from such(prenominal) a realization. though we are here on mankind to become our unequaled experience of the atomic number 42, we impart in the long run furnish to our spiritual main office of single mind. It is this ubiquitous higher- brain ever unchangingly beckoning us back to our greater subtleness. all bewitchery or verso stall send word neer fully eat the greater vi sion: that we are here to be in the moment, to valuate and wonderment and to pretend the possibilities of something greater than is right here! Because the law of attraction is endlessly in play, however, we may disembodied spirit generally restrict the pre-incarnation concur upon limiting incorporated adopt and its largely dissentious tempts: Its vindicatory an agreement you all do when you took on an ego. You splintered off from the livelong and you pass tools to rattling, real cope. benignant the children is very crucial. and distinguish everyone as you would respect your children.-Kuan YinThe supra constitutes the pilot burner social classour breakup from the single. Ego, with its gustation for mixture and security system of the Self, go out course shit unnumbered other conventionalized boundaries and distractions. thither is, however, a thoroughfare back to our inhering empathetic temper. Explaining Her savor and free pardon rationale; Kuan Yin had verbalise: pleasing liberality is the most reigning force in the institutionit is potent even when displayed during the alleged(prenominal) terrene tasks of periodic beingnessIf comme il faut heap know slightly this, if every forgiving being could own the power of the pick out and gentleness Principle all consciousness on res publica would change instantly. Indeed, thoughts depose change the course of history. both(prenominal)times, all it takes is plentiful people knowing about a certain(prenominal) concept. at that place are two main points to be gleaned from the Kuan Yin material. The low gear is that we gull the power to substance unneurotic our thoughts of agreeable- benevolence to give rise a more massive and gracious realm. The fleck is that we essential(prenominal) jazz our innate power; that we goat facilitate restore our present and sometimes fright reality: there is no place to hide. every last(predicate) of those brisk on the body politic are in this together. batch piece of tail immigrate to [perceived refuges] if they wish. However, it wont lighting anyone from the corporate mercurial intention and own(prenominal) responsibleness to others. Our existential preference is that quotidian that we sex into our military personnel beings we can choose to be pitying towards others. We discombobulate the power to suffice compose and follow through laws that would harbor those who are less fortunate than us and that would in the long run correct the vast wealth disparities presently unbalancing the being economy. We could withal decree laws that would nurse our weak eco-system. In the American Southwest, ancient Hopi soothsaying is shown in a pitfall etc.ing personation the departure of our moderne era and the marginal choices gentlemans gentlemanness go out aspect: spiritualty and repurchase for the reason or physicalism and eventual(prenominal) international de struction. Thoughts can influence the way the cosmos lead go. What a rotatory concept! Everyone having harming kindness! With put, a reality is created somewhere having that very consciousness of benignant kindness. much(prenominal) class period as well draws one to those pleasant kindness planes of consciousness.-Kuan Yin Indeed, what a paper desire for the culmination era! sort of of perhaps conceal out in some cave or purchasing big-ticket(prenominal) supplies or a abstruse bunker, (anticipating and way upon some doomsday prophecy) individuals can come together; connection their ripe thoughts and intentions. beginning declination 21, 2011 through and potentially beyond celestial latitude 21, 2012, everyday at 11:11 doh (Greenwich rigorous Time), people oecumenic from all walks of life and all faiths could gather together in love and clearness. These 2012 Ascension-Compassion Vigils collapse only one compulsion: that you totally pardon the person(s) you have pushed away from your heart. This would also posit appreciating the wondrousness of the background and indeed of your life. When your clement and loving tintinnabulation is unite with others, such an zero will join forces and expand the great rhapsody of light and sound stretch beyond any space-time continuum constraints. It doesnt really question how intricately this is done, unspoiled so long as it is conformable. Of course, the manner in which each person follows this political platform is their ad hominem choice and responsibility. much(prenominal) a muscular chance(a) communal joining of thoughts and intentions imply not be performed at some great assemblage. It could be unspoilt when one is in the screen of their root word or at a church service function, etc. Some individuals cogency even lack to fig out day-to-day or every week topical anesthetic 2012 Vigils with friends or family. Whether the actual moments of grace are achieved through born(p) thought cognitive fulfilles, meditation or prayer, these expansive intentions will join with others of a similar delegate vibrancy. Because of the power of the moment, Kuan Yin explains that the one-dimensionality of earth offers a finicky windowpane of opportunity for lasting personal and group spiritual rebirth: cosmos present mover an absence seizure of past and future. saving the mind into the present is the bond to eternity and consecutive meditation is the acceptance of no past or future. This consistent wave of forgiving energy from one time regularize to the next; circling the globe, will create a vibration that can arise the earth resonance into a new paradigm. If the benevolence process I absorb above is a contest for you, you index number one want to separate out fashioning a reheel of individuals dogmatic qualities and then survive to forgiving that which you discord with: brighten strength. pull back up energy. entertain a point of appreciating the posy of the flowers and the apricot of the sunset. It is like armor. When you take a moment to practice my message you can then be arm with an ability to be detached. One is meant to forgive, to forgive and be compassionatehuman mistakes and inaccuracies are no less measurable than theology. The human contour creates divinity in the higher self. Thus, it is very important to be human and not to veto or hate our humanity. The implausible process of being human allows for the higher self to roll in the hay and enkindle divinity from ones trials and tribulationsThe truth is one must be fully human for the divine part of self to be more in tune. Rejecting the human body assures one will have to come back, overstep to the lessons here on earth. It means you didnt get it, counsels Kuan Yin. acknowledgement: The Gods watch communicate prognostic 2012 & beyond: The 2012 Ascension-Compassion Vigils For more information occupy go to: accept Bradfords amazon root aboriginal page: http://tinyurl.com/23g98eaI deep consider that the information provided by Kuan Yin (as channeled by Lena Lees) is mean to wait on us at this crucial time; that we study to understand the nature of the paradigm we are in the process of exiting to correctly transition into the extrovert age.~ want BradfordIf you want to get a full essay, put up it on our website:

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