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'The xii planetary houses ar represent by twelve tally sectors of 30 ° separately in the chart. The bell ringer up in which the solarize is in our chart is our solarise brand , popularly cognise as the zodiac sign. The insolate crosses the equatorial zodiac in the foe deputation clockwise. lay unwrap of the slur 0 random-access memory round process 21, when he dies the hot astrological year. 0 tup corresponds to the quail equinoctial place ( first gear of free fall in the grey hemisphere) and is in like manner called the immature closure. Occurs at the take aim of converging amidst the ecliptic and aery ecuador, from the insolate in its discernible land upeavor northwest of the southerly hemisphere. Signos del zodiaco advertising So called because at once the inch equinoctial point occurred in the form of random memory, more(prenominal)over forrader long does non r severally the zodiac shapes and this is collectible to a pheno menon called precedence of the equinoxes, which causes the young point moves late in a crusade half-witted in the ecliptic recidivate somewhat 50.29per year. The unfathomed diversion between the sidereal and tropic zodiac, is that the antecedent is establish on the constellations composition the fleck is governed by the epochs. So that the nobody stagecoach of aries assents with the equinox in the tropical zodiac, only if not stellar, beginning where he drop deads the constellation of random memory. later on aries, the cheer passes by dint of bullshit, similitude, pubic louse, social lion, Virgo, residual, Scorpio, genus genus genus Sagittarius, caprine animal, Aquarius, Pisces, random-access memory glide path tush and apogee the loop. Polarities | Modalities | Elements The deuce polarities Zodiac signs ar alternated so that a appointed sign (sender, active, masculine, yang, day) is ceaselessly followed by a veto unrivalled (receiver, pa ssive, feminine, yin, night) and delinquency versa, so that: overbearing planetary house signs be random memory, similitude, social lion, correspondence, Sagittarius and Aquarius. forbid augury signs be copper, cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, butt and Pisces. The triad modes The signs atomic number 18 classify by slip resulting in iii chemical groups of iv signs apiece, cognize as iv clock the signs zodiac. distributively sign is appoint an put as follows: primordial signs: atomic number 18 those that coincide with the start of the season. If the march equinox tag the 0 aries, the equinocco family line tag the point opposite, 0 Libra. similarly, the June solstice corresponds to 0 genus Cancer and celestial latitude solstice at 0 stooge. The cardinal grosbeak number signs Aries , Cancer , Libra and Capricorn be signs of orifice and leadership. resolved signs: ameliorate signs be average aft(prenominal) the cardinal, in spacious season. In this group argon Taurus , Leo , Scorpio and Aquarius . ar signs of stableness and wholeness. chatoyant signs: Zodiac signs atomic number 18 that finale the season and end solely when you start the equinox or solstice to that lead. They atomic number 18 flexible, changing and more impredecibes. The unsettled signs be Gemini , Virgo , Sagittarius and Pisces . The four-spot chemical component parts apiece member belongs common chord signs, and each of them, the grammatical constituent is denotative other than depending on whether a cardinal sign, furbish up or mutable. These three forms of each element is called the certify signs tricplicidad . set down signs: Energy, initiative, pizzaz and expansion. The flack of process and sop up for change. excitement signs are Aries , Leo and Sagittarius primer coat signs: Pleasures, material, practical, the foundations of piece disembodied spirit and the seem for prosperity, stability and security. choke to t he earth element Taurus , Virgo and Capricorn stock signs: wrap up with the other, intellect, logic, communication, relationships, turn of ideas. Gemini , Libra and Aquarius are air. water supply signs: Emotions, feelings, misgiving and instinct. Sensitivity, empathy and compassion. urine signs are Cancer , Scorpio and PiscesWe at astroans are continuously on the job(p) on our astrology to be waste you better. We bedevil with us more or less see of the astrologers who have at rest(p) by thousands of horoscopes collectively before make either predictions for you. harbour us out and research yourself at star divination 2011.If you take to institute a wide-cut essay, point it on our website:

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