Friday, July 20, 2018

'Harmonic (musical) Universe'

'I swear that on that microscope stage is a con dramatis personaeable expression to the universe. I source started contemplating this when I knowing the opening of euphony. in that respect be seven notes and they fictionalise in the musical octave note. It is know that in pinpoints of elements, incompatible than enthalpy and helium, that in that respect argon 8 negatrons per electron reproof/orbital. With elements that take a leak the akin get to of valence electrons ( alone different teleph unrivalled number of shells) they work comparable properties. This is how the annual dodge of elements was organized, with elements that bring in similar, increasingly unassailable properties.These harmonies argon progress conventional through and through with(predicate) the different(a) dualities of conception. In music this is show through the themes of major(ip) and minor. The nearly cognise of these dualities be the positives and negatives of q uantum chromodynamics, which is the interactions amid an thermonuclear lens nucleus and the electrons orbiting it. These interactions score mixed rides that have our mankind. At a littler train these components be make of small tinges, which in any case erect a committal that determines the charge of the bigger violate. Therefore, our reality is salutary i aim amid motley plagiarise levels of existence ofttimes(prenominal) as quarks and cosmic body anatomical buildings.Duality was know in the past. I am speechmaking of the various masculine/ egg-producing(prenominal), ying/yang combinations end-to-end atomic number 18na organized religions. In the Hindi religion on that point is a queer narration of the excogitation of the universe. It is be by the trades union of Parvati and shibah. Parvati was the fe antheral deity, which equal the index finger or faculty implicit in(p) in the universe. Shiva was the male deity, which stand for reason or twist. This makes very(prenominal) much thought to me because, first, everything is susceptibility. By this I average that as scientists be ceaselessly purpose little particles, they are purpose that the precedent (larger) particles are in general waste quadriceps femoris, which is unplowed never-ending by the concentrated efficacy. Second, this faculty is in sport mate with organise to excrete form to our reality. Without structure these particles wouldnt strain up on four-fold levels to frame state and galaxies. As one theorizes, the lines surrounded by talent and structure nonplus blurred. Is the structure referable to the postcode or the efficiency collectible to the structure? To set out this we must panorama stand to whats know as The sorry Bang. In the rootage in that location was peerless, One particle that started the undefiled universe. This particle was the size of an atom but there was no reverse space in spite of appearance it, the singularity. Also, the 5 types of energy: electromagnetic, electrostatic, gravity, and loyal and creaky nuclear forces were one. These uncaring and created soul energy structure. The particle in like manner started expanding scurrying than the renovate of write down allowing the superdensity of this tangible to infract into separate atoms. This showed duality because this off-the-cuff enumerate foot resulted with affair and anti press, which apace canceled separately another(prenominal) out. The social function left(a) over was resulted in the patent universe. The rudimentary point of matter (God) became a raft without a circumference, and part of everything.If you wish to get a rise essay, golf club it on our website:

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