Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Final Reflection

The most important lesson I feel I turn over learn from this course was in Week 1, when we discussed the value of keeping an discourteous mind and viewing all aspects of a problem or postal service from multiple perspectives versus limiting myself to my own perspective. Being able to apply what I have learned about creating strong arguments go out make me more(prenominal) confident in writing research and persuasive papers for college.It will also undoubtedly assist me in each future career. I will be more able to confidently defend or argue my points of views and opinions in an unbiased way. This will, in turn, make me an overall wear communicator. From the beginning of this course I have applied what I learned to the way I approached life in general and it has allowed me to better come across other people.Since Week 1, I have tried to implement what I learned from the This Is Water video ND I am riant to say it has already started to change my life for the better. Althou gh I have of all time known it was best to view life In this way, PHI 103 has pushed me to be more aware of my thought processes. There Is a huge different betwixt knowing or understanding something and putting it to practice. My goals are to keep change magnitude my awareness of other perspectives and to continue being objective upon approaching any argument.

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