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Advertising Effects On Young People Essay

Advertising on Ameri tail end infantile has changed fewwhat in the last x years. Todays early daysfulness, mostly between the ages of 15-18, settle an advert on goggle box, or the internet and they want to try it , receive it, or even steal for it because they desire it. Take alcohol advertisements for instance. inebriant advertisements are more complex and appealing to at presents youth than they were ten dollar bill years ago. The number of these alcohol related advertisements, cause our youth to try just a little sip or worsened confound to many. Because our youth nowadays dont understand the effect of alcohol on them, they get behind the wheel of a vehicle and either cause an accident where they hurt or kill themselves or they hurt or kill some 1 else.Alcohol advertisements were not as appealing ten years ago as they are forthwith. in reality all you would see were a few beer advertisements and the Drink Responsibly at the end of it. Honestly, who really drink s responsibly these days? I dont believe that our Ameri squirt youth does or there would not be that many drunk driving accidents involving our youth. As far as engineering advertisements, they are just as bad. The do of these advertisements are a blow dates worse on like a shots youth than they were ten years ago. therefore, the effects of advertize on todays youngish population has increased the voltage for success, however there is still non-targeted advertisement that reaches out to todays American youth in a potentially negative perspective.Television is the dominant way to advertise to American youth because that is what our youth spends most of their time doing. By searching online for register that could support this, I found these statistics from thinkbox.tvAges 15-24 spend 43% of their time ceremony television. Young sight particularly like commercial television, which accounts for 76% of ages 16-34. commercial message television reaches 62% of the 16-34 popula tion every day, 89% every week, and 97% every month. Of ages 5-16, 45% talk about their favorite television course of study with friends and family. Of ages 5-16, 34% say they regularly visit their favorite television website or Facebook page. 10% of ages 5-16, watch television on their laptops or computers in their board (http// statistics can somewhat show that the youth today spends more time watching television and bouting on their computers than they do outside. Furthermore, television has bend a powerful piece of technology for todays youth. For example, the regeneration of channels that is now available for our youth. For that reason, television is the main source of advertizement to our youth today.Advertising today vs ten years ago can raise a lot of viewpoints among Americans today. Most pot will deal that advertisements do not cause any effects on our youth, exclusively I take iss ue. For instance, cigarette advertisements effect our youth in some way. around young people prefer to ignore these advertisements because they know it harms the body, while others choose to go purchase cigarettes because they think it makes them fit in more with their peers. I have seen more young people with a cigarette today than I did ten years ago. In addition to the cigarette advertisements, the alcohol advertisements raise concern with some. Alcohol advertisements tend to persuade our young people that its ok to drink as long as you drink responsibly. There is not one young person that says Ok, I will further have a couple of drinks. Young people tend to do what they think will make them more acceptable in todays society. To me, this is unacceptable behavior.In a similar fashion, Violence has interpreted over our youth today. The video games that most young people play portray rage in a very bad way. close to gangs or clicks use this type of violence as an initiation fo r young people to join. I have seen more teen tragedies in todays news due to this type of violence than the last ten years. There is teen kidnappings, violent injuries and even murders. Most of the time, it is teen on teen violence because they think its ok because they see it on television or even the internet. It is ridiculous on how much violence has take a chance with todays youth. I believe it is because of all the advertisements that portray violence has an ok thing. For example, video games are the main source of violence in todays youth. My opinion on this type of advertizement is one of the causes of most of our youths accidents, tragedies, and even deaths. Todays advertising has more effect on our youth than it did ten years ago.In conclusion, advertising on American youth has caused tragedies and even death. Young people today really dont have enough unwashed sense to know that if it looks, taste, or smells bad, that it probably is and that they should not partake in it. Our young people today seem to think that if they partake in things that could hurt them then it makes them fit in more with their peers. To clarify, If you can drink this or smoke this or even try this, then you can be part of this click. It sickens me to know that even our youth today has effects on other young people. Parents should monitor more of what their tyke is doing, what they are watching and what kind of people their fry is friends with.In some other sense, parents could prevent tragedies or even death from occurring. Yes, advertising in some way has increased the potential for success in American youth however it still has potentially negative perspectives on American youth today. By parents monitoring what their child is watching, what their child is doing, and what kind of people their child is friends with can potentially decrease the amount of smoking, drinking, and violence that our young people partake in today. There is always positive potential for our Am erican youth. We just have to monitor more of what they watch and make authorized that they know right from wrong.http// AND OUTLINEThe effects of advertising on todays young population has increased the potential for success, however there is still non-targeted advertisements that reaches out to todays American youth in a potentially negative perspective.I. Introduction separateA. The relation between advertising today verses ten years ago.B. The effects on American youth today verses ten years ago.C. dissertation StatementII. Body carve upA. issuance Sentence on the center of the paragraphB. Specific examples of the effects of advertising on todays youth.C. My explanation and analysis of my examples.D. Summary SentenceIII. Body ParagraphA. Topic Sentence that identifies opposing viewpoints.B. My explanation on why I disagreeC. Examples of why I disagreeD. Summary SentenceIV. Conclusion Paragraph A. Summary of my body paragraphsB. Thesis statement reiteratedC. My final thoughts or label for action

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