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Presentation of Black Characters in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee :: Free Essay Writer

Presentation of Black Characters in To Kill a flouter by harper LeeTo kill a Mockingbird is a story by Harper Lee. It is closely RacialSegregation and the supernatural, it is base in a time and in a placethat was actually racist, where people put White trash above good bleakpeople. It is establish in Maycomb, (It is a meek town created by Harperlee the author of the book. In the book it describes the town as smalland old, and it says the day sympathizems more than 24 hours becauseeverything moves slower there. This town is actually based on theauthors hometown, Monroeville, Alabama.) Alabama, in the 1930s. Thisessay will handle to you about all the main vague characters in ToKill a Mockingbird and how they are presented in this story, it willbe focusing in the main on the following black characters Tom Robinson(the man who is on run in this story.), Calpurnia and ReverendSykes. I will too talk about how the book was based in thedepression, and how in that time, the blacks were good law-abidingpeople, nevertheless yet they were still treated as second class citizens.In the story Calpurnia or Cal is presented as a very intelligentblack person, she is educated (she can read) for one, and she is agood person at bone marrow as well, and alike she has Atticuss respect. Andalso as we see in the book she leads an almost double life when sheis among the Finch family and other discolor people she speaks properEnglish, but when she is among her own people she speaks using a lotof slang and cuts words short. for example sure enough, she says shonuf. She is also the give of Zeebo a full grown man who is marriedand reads out the sermons at church. She also acts as a motherlyfigure in (as she is forever and a day there she cooks for the Finch family.)Scouts life and they have a love-hate relationship, until tickerstarts school, and then it eases a little. In an argument with AuntAlexandra, Atticus also insists that Calpurnia is part of the family.Also in th e story is Tom Robinson he is presented as a good personwith a pure heart, he is a sharecropper on a cotton farm, and each dayon his way home he passes the Ewell household, I believe he is alsobrave because he accepted his fate all human beings must(prenominal) die sooneror later, not many people I know would accept that. He also has his

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