Friday, March 8, 2019

Re likes to keep his players fit Essay

My main sources of data be the Internet and books. The website I am chiefly victimisation is http//www. ais. org. au/ eatable/FuelLeague. htm I have chosen this website because it feed me a lot of data of diet and nutrition for rugby players, which is what my attend is on. I have in chip inition been given a lot of my in miscellanyation from Mr Fitzpatrick about what he would like in the display as he is my user and I am doing the presentation for him. as well so I have apply diets from official rugby players websites to add to my presentation. Validation explained.I view the data is valid because it is an official website and is updated regularly. The nutrition plans on it are also used by professional players as it states on the website. round of the best rugby players in the world also use the nutrition plans, such as Keith wood and others. Also the information I uplift from Mr Fitzpatrick is valid because he is my user and knows what he wants in the PowerPoint prese ntation. Also to go against my user from getting on luxates that he doesnt want to be on I have switched off slip ones mind transition. Data use explained.During the presentation I intend to show rugby players how they can rectify their fitness and diet on a screen. I intend to plastic film between splays with the click of a mouse but if I were expiry to let my end user perform the skid show I would have hyperlink soarings. So it is easier to navigate around the slides. This would also make the slide show easier to work out for the presenter of the show. Alternative forms of output considered I have discussed that I could also put the presentation to a cross-file or a phonograph recording to give to the rugby players and they watch it by themselves on their home computer.Also I could have printed it out into sack form and handed one each to all of the players. The presentation could be put on the school-shared network and all the players have to find it up by themselve s in their own conviction and read it. Appropriate choices make and confirm I have chosen the fabricate application sheaf because it will be better for the presentation and it will be easier than you using any other applications. That is was I think any itinerary. I also think it is the right package because it will also be easy for the teachers to work.The design could non be printed out in hand out form because the base may be lost of several(prenominal)thing may be spilled on them therefore making it unworkable for the receiver to use it. If it is put on the shared network the players would have to go look it up in their stark time and most players would not use their spare time to look at it. If it is put on a disk for the players in addition look at it at home some of the players may not have a home computer therefore making it impossible for them too look st the presentation. Appropriate back up explainedI am going to keep the extra copies of my project on my school server. And if I save onto the school server that straighta behavior backs it up so I cant loose it. The user could make several copies of the presentation some on floppy disk and some on disk and they could be kept in a safe place so if one copy is lost they have always got a spare one to refer to. Appropriate security explained For security I could war cry protect my work so I and the teacher who I am doing the project for can only rag it. It is also saved on a secure network so none of my colleagues can access the project.Also the network is backed up every(prenominal) night and that sum that there will always be to copies of my project. Initial designs adequate and justified I handed my user all slides in a going format and asked him to evaluate them all and write down any changes he wanted. He made several changes to my slides and I acted upon all these and rectify them all, as he wanted them. User interview recorded and acted on I asked many questions in my interview wi th my user and acted upon all his answers in the correct manner.The interview was done on a piece of paper with questions on and I had my user fit in the blank spaces with his answers. The interview is added on a piece of paper. Evidence of user feedback on designs On sheets link up Final design described in detail All the way through the presentation I used the font verdana and all the way through I have also used the same polish background so some of them dont look suspect compared to the rest of them. But there is one exception to that which is the opening slide where it is a picture of Hymers playing in a game of rugby.Also on every slide there is a hyperlink to another scallywag and there is also a picture on ever slide during the presentation. Top down system diagram On paper inclined Full and effective test plan devised On paper abandoned Validation checks tested To stop my user from going on slides that he doesnt want to be on by clicking in the ruin place on the slid e I have switched off slide transition, this stops the user from clicking on the background and it taking him to a slide where he doesnt want to be. Annotated hardcopy of implementation On paper machine-accessible Annotated hardcopy of test plan.On paper attached Have all errors been corrected After carrying out my test plan fully and effectively I have found that I have no errors that need to be corrected but if any do occur later on I will write then on at the end. pilot burner objectives fully evaluated 1. He asked for movies such as fitness techniques such as star jumps and press-ups, which I added several of. 2. Every 8-10 slides will have pictures on but I put a picture on every slide. 3. He also asked me to research and suggest fitness plans and healthy eating plans so I added 3 healthy eating plans.4. I also added colourful designs, which my user added I did this by using a red-hot and white background on every slide. 5. I also used a picture of the Hymers first team pla ying rugby on the opening page. Written evidence of user acceptance On paper attached Comments critical and relevant Further enhancements for the future I could add more slides to the presentation and maybe change the colour of some slides as the same colour on every slide may look a bit boring. I could also use some varied pictures as some of them are a bit blared on some of the slides.

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