Friday, March 15, 2019

Scarlet Letter Book Report :: essays research papers

Characters- Hester Prynne was a beautiful, adolescent woman financial support in Amsterdam with her husband, Roger Chillingworth. He displace her you the States alone while he finished his business. In America she met Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale who she had a bang affair with. astragal was the digit of their kid. When the townsfolkship found out about her sin, they penalise her by making her run a red-faced letter A ,standing for adultery, on her bosom. - Dimmesdale was a young reverend of the community. The people loved him, because of his emotional ways of speaking. He was Hesters secret lover. He couldnt live without being punished for his sins. Finally, he confess publicly, as soon as he did he died.- Chillingworth was Hesters husband. While traveling to America to join his wife he was influence by Indians. He finally reached America 2 years later. When he got there, Hester was already standing on the scaffold. He was seeking penalise on Dimmesdale, so he pretended to be his good friend seek to think of ways to torture him.- Pearl was Hester and Dimmesdales daughter. She was given her name because she was precious and valuable. She was very clever, imaginative, and bratty. Pearl was a very significant character, because she reminded Hester of her sins and love affair.- governor Bellingham was like the political authority in Boston. - Mistress Hibbins was Governor Bellinghams sister. She was known as an evil witch. She had a bitter temper, because she worshiped the devil. thickThe Scarlet Letter begins in the seventeenth century in Boston. patronage then Boston was a Puritan settlement. Hester Prynne is being escorted out from the towns prison with her daughter, Pearl. Hester had a scarlet letter A on her bosom. Someone watching from the crowd was telling more or lessone else that she is being punished for adultery. Hesters husband sent her to America, while he finished some business in Amsterdam. While Hester waits for him, she obviously had an affair and a child with her lover. She wont tell anyone who her lover is. And her punishment is to wear the scarlet letter along with public humiliation for her sin and secret. Later, she is taken to the town scaffold and scolded by the town fathers. She still refuses to tell who the father of Pearl is. Hesters missing husband, now known as Roger Chillingworth, is now living in Boston as a doctor to take revenge on Hesters secret lover.

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