Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Ghost Essay -- Narrative Memoir Essays

The creep I clutched my cell phone tightly ready to call 911. I was so terrified lying there in my backside that I couldnt move. Previous nights while staying at my Grandmas house I had been scared, notwithstanding cipher compared to the fear that ran through my veins on this unforgettable night.I remember how elicit the idea of living with my granny and being independent from my parents for a square summer while our new house was being built sounded to me. My grandma lives in a house that is over a 100 age old I really dont believe it is haunted or anything, scarcely I urinate definitely heard sounds in the night, some louder and scarier than other(a) nights. My dad used to tease me that it was my Grandpas ghost coming back for visits. My grandad died in January of 2001. I dont believe in ghosts, entirely comely my dads speck of Grandpas soul coming back made me feel uneasy.One specific night still haunts me and is one that I really wish I could forget. I went to be d that night up at my Grandmas house just identical I did more or less every night, a little disquieted about what I might hear. At about 100 a.m., I was awakened by a loud bang on my window. I thought maybe it was just a dream, so I unsympathetic my eyes and started to fall back asleep. Just as I was almost back to sleep, I heard another loud bang followed by mysterious voices this time I knew it wasnt a dream. At starting line, I was so scared that all I could do was lay in my bed motionless. I tried to rationalize what the noises I heard could have been, but I couldnt think of any logical explanation, except that someone was outside. My first instinct was to grab my cell phone and call 911. I pronto grabbed my phone off my headboard and held it close to me, still too scared to move, b... ... forever tell her it was branches from the trees hitting the sides of the house. Well, old houses do creak I guess, but the sounds I heard that night were definite loud bangs on my win dow, which couldnt have possibly been caused by tree branches, since there werent any tree branches that even up touched the house anywhere near the room I slept in.I definitely got the independence that I wanted this past summer, but I wasnt quite as ready for it as I thought I was. Ill probably never have an explanation for what I heard that night, and honestly, I dont think that I really want one. I still dont like the idea of ghosts or souls of people who have died coming back to earth, but I do think that some things just cant be explained by my simple human logic. Ill never forget that night up at my grandmas when I was so scared that I couldnt move a muscle in my body.

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