Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Unjustified War in Iraq Essay -- Politics Political Essays

The Unjustified War in Iraq History has more times been tainted with the blood of war. Lives have been bemused, homes have been destroyed, and families have been divide apart. Once again, our body politic is about to witness a terror that no one can really comprehend. We are on the threshold of an groundless war. The United States should refrain from war with Iraq because of the lack of concrete evidence in regards to weapons of mass destruction. Instead, they should be working towards peace. Following September 11, Bush claimed Iraq to be connected with Al Qaeda in Prague or Kurdistan (Alter 29). This was played up even though the CIA and FBI determined that evidence is fragmentary and inconclusive and that the memorial tablet is exaggerating information to make a political theatrical role for war. (Heuvel) Later, the Bush judiciary stated that Iraq possessed terrible weapons of mass destruction. Secretary of State Colin Powell was send to the United Nations, to make the Bush administrations case for preemptive war against Iraq. His case presented several accusations but very little new information or proof that weapons of mass destruction are actually present in Iraq. Nearly all of his evidence was largely circumstantial or unsound(Heuvel). Not only give this war take the lives of a nation where over 50% of the population is children under the age of 15, but it will also endanger our own troops because of inexcusable negligence by our government. The pentagon was finally forced to admit, last October, that 250,000 faulty battle-dress over garments (BDO) suits have been lost among 800,000 usable BDO suits, and they are unable to determine which are the damaged suits. With the reference of chemical warfare our soldie... option but as a remote final option. Let us declare peace a well-mannered right in a democracy, and a human right in this world. (Kucinich) Works Cited Alter, Jonathan. Trust Me Isnt Good Enough. Newsweek 3 F eb. 2003 29. Byrd, Robert. Senate Floor Speech. U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C. 12 Feb. 2003. Dickey, Christopher. Perils of Victory. Newsweek 3 Feb. 2003 30-32. Heuvel, Katrina Vanden. Powell Fails to reach out Case. The Nation. 6 Feb. 2003. 10 Feb. 2003 <http// Kucinich, Dennis. Peace as a Civil Right. Martin Luther fagot Day Celebration. Ministerial Alliance. Lakewood Presbyterian Church, Lakewood, OH. 19 Jan. 2003. Wolfe, Richard and Hirsh, Michael. War and Consequences. Newsweek 3 Feb. 2003 22-28. Zakaria, Fareed. Looking on the Bright Side. Newsweek 3 Feb. 2003 33

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