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Analyse the scenario given and produce a report detailing your Essay

Analyse the scenario given and produce a report lucubrate your response to the below changes in business environment - Essay ExampleKeeping either these facts in mind the business environment on a macro level looks prosperous for the young entrepreneurs. The pickle of the business is at Seaford road which is a populous suburb of east Sussex with a population of all over 23000 people and is home to educational institutions. Hence the key USP aligns with the local community aswell. Condition of The Business The topical cash flows of the StudentPizza Ltd atomic number 18 lower than what was estimated initially. The business has yet to return a turnover which was expected level off after 5 months. Although the key point which they had identified while opening the business was quite logical and relevant that Students love pizza and keeping this in mind opening a restaurant with the mark market as students was quite relevant. Working on their USP by attracting students and making it exclusive for students they have been equal to(p) to retain students as their loyalist but have only managed to attract few customers from the locality. Also they ar running place of investment and capital to run the business as the business has not returned mesh as expected for 5 months. SWOT ANALYSIS, RECOMMENDATIONS AND STRATEGIES A detailed analysis of the business and its environment, strategies pertaining to them along with recommendations for execution of instrument these strategies is mentioned in detail in this section. Strategy Assessment In order to asses, whether a particular organizational strategy is suitable for an organization it is important to conduct a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis points out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization in question. To assess how effective an organizational strategy would be, it is very important to conduct a SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is an overall strategic planning methodology. It is u sed to assess a strategy from the point of view of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It involves the business environment and the business objective of a particular project and how natural and external factors entrust help achieve those objectives. The technique was developed by Albert Humphrey. He led a convention during his stay at Stanford University in the 1960s and the 1970s. He incorporated data from some Fortune500 companies. A SWOT analysis usually begins with clearly defined state and objectives. Strengths In strengths it is suss out which attributes of the company will help in achieving the desired objectives. The strengths of the company are many. It targets the student population for junk food and they escape to be the most willing consumers for the same. The initial investment in the idea isnt much. The timings of the outlet are very lucrative and so is the location of the chain a very ideal one. Weaknesses In weaknesses it is checked which attri butes of the company will be harmful in achieving the objectives. The outlet faces stiff competition from other more than established outlets. The sales continue to suffer and the promotional strategy is weak at best. Opportunities What opportunities will make believe in favor of the desired objectives? There are various opportunities that can capitalized on by the firm. Firstly, it inevitably to come up with a more aggressive promotional strategy and reach out to all students. Capitalize on social media, come up with flyers, posters, ad games and various other ways to hike up and attract customers. Secondly, negotiation with the suppliers to bring

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