Thursday, April 25, 2019

Old Spice case studey Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Old Spice studey - Case rent Exampleh of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like tug which involved a cause NFL player whose role was to convince women to buy the products so that their partners would be wish well him or smell like him (Rowe, n.d). Although this advertisement was a achievement after realizing more than 26 million views on YouTube, the company devised the near successful advert incorporating fond media so as to make the provoker more successful. Through the solvent Campaign, the organization was able to engage with the potential customers on a more in-person take (Rowe, n.d). In this campaign, the organization made a post on the both main social media websites, Facebook and Twitter, which sparked responses and questions that were answered through with(predicate) videos. Creativity was used in response videos that were at least 180.Between these alternatives, the the Response Campaign would nevertheless have been the best. This is because of the strategies invol ved in its creation and communication to the potential customers. The aspect of being personal contributed to its success, as the customers require prompt reply. This was fulfilled by the many short videos released in a span of two days answering the questions and replying to the comments from the customers. In addition, the extensive usage of the social media was a way of boosting the campaign because social media comprises the group of the population that the company was targeting the young generation. Furthermore, active involvement was a key aspect towards the success of the campaign. This is because it got the customers invested in the brand while not including direct advertising to the customers. Such strategies made sure that the campaign was a success leading to increase in sales and the brand name was saved.From a personal perspective, I would have taken a similar approach in the implementation of the solution. As a golden rule, a company should ensure that customer involve ment is taken seriously for a brand name to remain

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