Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Prescriptive and Descriptive Arguments Coursework

Prescriptive and Descriptive Arguments - Coursework practice sessionThe aforementioned human activities including fuel energy consumption results into increase carbon emissions that reaches the atmosphere and depletes the ozone layer.In addition, industrial activities and production contributes to highest emission of greenhouse gases that directly affects the protective ozone layer. Moreover, deforestation activities practiced by human beings causes increased levels of carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere due to deficiency of trees that would absorb such carbon emissions (Haldar, 2011). It is indispensable to business that depletion of protective ozone layer results into increased world(a) temperatures. The aforementioned arguments describes how varied human activities directly contributes to reality of global warming.Based on the prescriptive argument, there exists need to urgently address global warming issues as it have negative impacts on the environment and lives of human a ctivities. Global warming has resulted into increased temperatures that directly affects economically supportive human activities including agriculture due to experienced drought or flooding in about areas (Casper, 2010). Flooding results from increased melting of ice that causes a rise in sea levels (NASA, 2014). Therefore, there exists an urgent need to mitigate human activities that directly cause global warming to assist in preventing its injurious

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