Monday, May 6, 2019

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Writing - Essay ExampleBefore delving deep into the governance and economic systems of CBRM, is it important that we trust the problems faced by the province in recent years. It had once grown into an industrial slump, hit by depression and uncertainty. CBRM was perhaps was affected more than any other province in Canada. This gave rise to woeful financial condition, poverty and unemployment. Thus, formulating the fiscal and economic policies has become a challenge for CBRM in present times. This report aims at examining the governing system of CBRM, it fiscal and economic sustainability and policies for the same. This paper throws a good amount of cast down on the practices, policies undertaken and their outcomes.CBRM holds an important position when it comes to local administration (Impressions of Cape Breton, 1986, p 263). The crisis of DOSDO during 1966- 1967, has shaped up the governmental map of CBRM. Since then local political sensibility has controlled CBRMs development, though political strategies implemented by the new government has succeeded in lessening political fragmentation within the province (Gagnon and Keating, 2012, p 110-111). In spite of following the policy of no amalgamation with other municipalities within the province of Nova Scotia, all the municipal corporations cooperate with each other. Generally municipalities which share any similar characteristics cooperate with each other. Thus in that respect exists a relation based on cooperation among CBRM and another municipality HRM. The revenue that is earned is divided among the amalgamated provinces. Therefore, conflicts a great deal occur over fair distribution of provincial revenues. Also, political lobbying also has its say when it comes of attention from Canadian government and share of resources (Sancton and Andrew, 2009, p 168). The amalgamation took place as a measure to reduce the yearbook expenditure. It was

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