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How important is it for the organization Essay

Of many of the problems that the boldnesss face these days, genius of the vital one is of employee dissatisfaction and lower motivation for work. Employees feel dejected and de be actived when their prefatory needs and requirements be non met those needs force include hygiene and motivating factors that involve the presence or absence of working conditions, salary, empowerment or authority, job status, social relationships, etc.Organizations need to develop such a homophile Resource plane section that effectively performs its activities by understanding the changing trends of the environment and so the employee needs and requirements. The decisive thing hither in this case is that the HR plane section essential scrutinize the productiveness level, motivation, direction, attitude, and overall performance of the employees towards their designate tasks and prosperity of the firm as a whole. HR managers emphasize on keeping the employees motivated, directed, and contented by a dapting to several measures some of which are explained as follows.First of all, the main responsibility of the Human Resource subdivision is to hire or recruit the employees at their very best, who have best available skills and abilities that would result in the provision of value to the organization. The process of hiring and recruiting plays a vital role in determining an employees productivity and efficiency. Many organizations use references to hire the applicants, but the clear-cut method establish on merit mustiness be adopted.Taking written test, arranging group discussions, and conducting interviews with different managers help the Human Resource department to effectively analyze an applicants potential and skills whether he should be hired or not. Second, the managers must consider an employee as a person and treat him with due respect offensive comments and remarks must not be passed bug out in order to avoid unwanted consequences. Mutual respect among the managers and employees must be maintained so that employees may feel that they are part of the organization.Third, many employees join the company with their basic motivation of salary therefrom the salary package must be handsome enough to organize the employee contented or even satisfied. Every human existence has some needs as mentioned by Maslow in his pyramid of needs that starts with physiological needs, and then follows safety and security needs, then social and devotion needs, esteem needs, and finally self-actualization. It should be understood at first hand by the managers or supervisors that employees are given enough time, resources, and opportunities to satisfy such basic needs such as, safety and security and physiological needs.Competitive benefits should be offered to the employees by analyzing the industry trends as in how much salary, benefits, or allowances are being paid by the competitors, and then the blend of competitive benefits should be offered. This may includ e providing compensation packages to the workers harmonise to their job design such as, low-level or assembly-line workers must be ensured enough security and medicinal allowances. Motivation can be categorized as the key to improved performance, and hence must be developed among the employees.This can be overcome by the managers by properly understanding their needs and wants and playing accordingly to fulfill them. Fourth, showing the chance of being promoted to the upper level definitely creates a brain of motivation among the workers. Often in many organizations, there comes the problem of glass ceiling where women and minorities are not give the chance to be promoted, hence this should not happen in order to keep the employees motivated. Fifth, Human Resource departments have a very significant responsibility of designing tasks, matching them with the employees, and assigning them.Employees, based on their skills and abilities, are assigned the tasks to work on and that suit s them the most. Avoiding monotonous jobs and assigning them with interesting and innovating tasks develops interest in doing work and keeps the workers directed. Sixth, managers must create a sense of Task Identity and Task Significance among the employees that is to what point their jobs are important for the company. Seventh, culture is an essential process carried on by the organizations to keep their employees skills and capabilities inline with the changing environment. some(prenominal) of training methods include hiring skilled expertise from various organizations or universities who train the employees for a limited limit of time moreover, organizations also send their employees abroad for training purposes as in to attend conferences or training sessions. Managers can arrange the workshops or lecture sessions within the organization for addressing the latest developments and challenges being occurred in the marketplace or industry. Eighth, timely, accurate, and effectiv e feedback must be provided by the managers to point out the strengths and weakness of the employees in their performance.And, involving the employees in the decision-making processes and empowering them by giving more authority to practice is also another wise strategy to motivate the employees. Often employees are not provided with accurate and corrective feedback such as they are not pointed out their negatives just because of avoiding unwanted atmosphere or relationships. Therefore, many managers and supervisors prefer providing feedback that is usually positive even if the employee has some negative points about his work or attitude.Another issue is of providing of feedback from supervisors with whom the employee has good relationships or who favors the employee in apiece and every aspect of work life. This results in overvaluation of an employee, hence giving him points more than actually he deserves. Therefore, in order to have an effective feedback program, human resource d epartments must ensure that they adapt the 360 detail feedback method, which involves the provision of feedback from various sources such as, managers, directors, supervisors, colleagues, and peers.This method is very effective since it confirms different sorts of feedback provided by different sources. Consequently, to conglomeration up the essay, we can say that the role of Human resource departments in almost every organization is like that of a brain in a human body. Since this is the era of globalization and immense competition, hence organizations are seeking to cut costs, save time, and be effective and efficient in carrying on their phone line activities.All the roles and responsibilities of the Human Resource department mentioned above do have significant importance because if they are performed effectively and wisely, they can result in saving huge amount of costs for the organization. Moreover, effective writ of execution of such measures and tactics can result in pro viding a company with great talent, expertise, working environment, noble sales, high profits, high growth, good reputation, and most of all, efficiency.

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