Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Case Against Affirmative Action Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Case Against Affirmative Action - Term Paper lawsuitHowever, according to galore(postnominal) critics, such rules be non needed in todays participation and due to the rules certain issues are mandatory to be created. One such instance regarding the particular nonage rules was seen in the Supreme Court some years ago. It involved the issue of admission in the University of Michigan. The regulations of that university were interest the point system in which the possible appli nominatets got rated. For a minority group, the points score got doubled to become a perfect sit down score (Fryer, 2005, p.147). As a result, three white students submitted a lawsuit on the basis of race discrimination. According to the regulators of university, we desired diversity and by applying affirmative action we can table service the real diversity. Affirmative action makes the discrimination opposite (Herring, 2012, p.630). The main reason for devising the rules under affirmative action is to prevent discrimination and biased action of the co consummationers, employees and students on the basis of color moreover on the contrary to this, the rules produce the opposite results. White the great unwashed who are in majority and work really warm to achieve the position have to follow strict regulations be bring on they are majority. Opposite to many set stereotyping, most of the minorities lies under the middle or upper level of the society and white people having poor life style. Undoubtedly, as the set standards for the minorities has made the down trodden white majority students who believe in discipline and constant efforts will not preferred over the wealthy minority students, who lack the traits of hard work and efforts. The standard for accountability diminishes due to affirmative action, which is essential for the students and workers to give best performance. In show window if a student belongs to a minority group gets admission in Harvard at 3.2 grade point ave rage so the aim of getting 4.0 GPA will not be there. Though, there are people that can motivate themselves to achieve better results still, there are few that require a constant boost from others to do so. If the standards of admission and employment will become lower, the level of accountability also gets lowered. It is important to consider harwork, achievement and discipline as the rewardful acts and a student lacking all these basic aspects should not be getting equal or preferential treatment over other students. Certain students that are preferred on such basis are most comm just now ill-equipped to manage the conditions and regulations of university or school of admission. Consider the situation when a minor baseball player preferred to be the master key of a major team and when a light project participant is opted for a rocket science task in NASA. The possibility to get success in both cases is very minimum however in both situations the individual will feel ill-edu cated for the needed effort. Similarly, in Harvard and Yale universities, the standard of GPA and SAT is much higher and cannot be achieved by everyone. But it is due to the affirmative action, minority individuals with less GPA and SAT score get the chance to become the part of it. The affirmative action will cause a color blind society. when an individual apply for a job for an admission in school, there is no reason to ask the skin color, height or eye color as the only parameter to judge

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