Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Business Performance of Specsavers Research Paper

Business Performance of Specsavers - Research Paper ExampleOn the marketing front, Specsavers pioneered a slew of industry standards. For example, it was the first company to start a debt scheme for contact lenses along with rationalise home delivery. This initiative changed the way a customer financed her eye care purchases. Specsavers advertising campaigns were perfectly designed to potently communicate the peculiar(prenominal) features offered by Specsavers. The Shouldve has gone to Specsavers campaign reinforced the superior serve offered by Specsavers. One of the most important USPs of Specsavers was its great value-for-money positioning. Due to economies of scale, it could pull off better prices with its vendors, and then passed on savings to its customers. Specsavers offered 2 for 1 glass at 75, an offer that has been very successful. Specsavers also targeted market niches by offering special pricing for its products/services. For example, Senior citizens (over 60 years) were offered a massive 30% discount on glasses. However, the most revolutionary innovation was on the products/services domain. Prior to the stretch of Specsavers, this industry was served by small chains or independent opticians. While these chains offered low-cost services, there was an enormous room for improvement in their services. Those providing high-quality services were costlier & often charged a high premium. Specsavers new partnership model brought together for the first clock time, the opera hat practices of retailing & service delivery concepts along with the best available opticians, but at a much competitive price. While Specsavers offered their partners a range of business support services like accounting, marketing etc, the frontline opticians were free to do what they did the best. The opticians, hence, could concentrate on delivering their best services to the consumers. On the product front, theypioneered innovations like offering varifocal glasses. Specsavers offered the option of returning varifocal glasses (some people take time to adjust to these) within a period of 30 days from purchase.

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