Monday, June 17, 2019

Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 8

Ethics - Essay Examplethat there is only integrity right or better way to think close moral problems for example, the same figure can be seen as a square or a diamond, depending on its orientation in parity to a surrounding framea bird-watcher and a rabbit-keeper are likely to see the duck-rabbit figure in different ways, yet this difference does not imply that one way is better or a higher form of perceptual organization. (p.229).Gilligan is imperative on the thinking that the conception of the moral domain is comprised of at least two moral orientations, and that these orientations raise new questions about observed differences in moral judgment and the disappointments to which they give rise. Factors such as the necessary distinction among differences in developmental stage and differences in orientation are strong issues in her discussion, and it is stated pronouncedly that her research on moral orientation derives from an observation which was do in the course of studying t he relationship between moral judgment and action. Gilligan also speaks strongly about the issue of abortion, explaining that the language of the public abortion tip over reveals a specific and significant justice perspective. Whether the abortion dilemma is cast as a conflict of rights or in terms of respect for gay life, the claims of the fetus and of the pregnant woman are balanced or placed in opposition. (p.233)Gilligan uses various studies in her research and writing, in order to show the relation between the ethics of care and the issue of justice. One study of particular importance in this case is the one which two medical scholarly persons were cast to each(prenominal) report a decision not to turn in someone who has violated the school rules against drinking, and who cast their decision in different terms. One student constructs the decision as a net of mercy, a decision to override justice in light of the fact that the violator has shown the proper degrees of contriti on. (p.234). This study

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