Thursday, June 20, 2019

Organizational Change Interview Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Organizational Change Interview Paper - Essay ExampleSchuh (2000) has mentioned the needs of differentiation strategy for successful marketing. In his opinion, using a common product, price, distribution and promotion program on a worldwide basis--does not seem adequate considering the differences in market conditions (Schuh, 2000). In order to realize the extent of changes happening in the organizational world, I decided to interview a top official in coca gage Company. One of my friends is currently working in Coca Cola Companys marketing department and he helped me in meeting, Jack Nicholas, one of the gross revenue managers of Coca Cola Company. This paper is written based on my interview with Cokes sales manager, jack Nicholas. My first question was about the mission, vision, and determine of the Coca Cola Company at present and in past. Jack told me that the vision and mission of Coke has changed a lot over the past fivesome years period. Earlier, Coke had a standardized vi sion and mission statement for the unblemished world. However, Coke realized that keeping same vision and mission for the entire world is meaningless since the requirements of different regions or countries are different. Focus on needs of our consumers, customers and franchise partners, Get out into the market and listen, observe and learn, Possess a world view, Focus on execution in the marketplace every day, Be insatiably curious etc are some of the values strictly unbroken in the market by Coke (Vision, Mission and Values, 2011) Jack explained the above point more in detail. He told me that most of the global countries and regions are different, politically, economically, culturally and socially. In other words, the requirements and the purchasing abilities of the people are different everywhere and it is illogical to keep same mission and vision for the extremely diverse community in the world. It was difficult for Coke to operate in communist countries earlier because of th e strong opposition Coke faced in those countries because of its origin in America. For example, chinaware was reluctant in allowing American companies to enter its soil earlier. However, at present China is accepting hostile direct investments with both hands. The above changing contradictory policies and economic policies of China cannot be neglected by Coke. In short, political and economic climate in the world are facing drastic changes at present which forced companies to change their vision and mission to cater the needs of the changing world. My second question was about the major determinants of change in Coca Cola Company. Globalization was the major cause of changes happening in Coke according to Jack. He has told me that the business principles changed a lot as a takings of globalization. Currently Coke is trying to expand its territories with the help of modern business principles and merger and acquisition is accepted as the major mode of entry to foreign countries. For example, Coke acquired ThumsUp from India as part of their business expansion in India. Coke realized that local knowledge is essential for conducting successful business in a foreign market. In order to acquire local knowledge, acquisition or merger is accepted as the best strategy by Coke. Political, economic and legal climate are other major determinants of change accepted by Coke to expand its business in different territories. Jack

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