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After The First Death Summary English Literature Essay

After The First Death Summary English Literature Essay The book started with Ben. 16 years old child. He has a whole in the chest. His father is a general. The main issue is the hijacking of a schoolbus with 1 driver and children of 6 years old. The hijackers were Artkin, Miro, Antibbe and Stroll. The driver supposed to be Miros first kill, but it turned out to be a woman, named Kate. But he couldnt kill her, because Artkin didnt want to, they could use her help to calm the children. Artkin gave canty with drugs to calm the childs, but one child died of it, they thought he was allergic. Hijackers also used a van. They were on an old railway bridge. Artkin was taking the charge of the operation. He told Miro to watch over the childs and Kate. He had to win her confidence. She tried to be brave and escape, she had hidden the keys in her shoes earlier. But she failed. Artkin sent demands to the secret intelligence named Inner delta. Demands were: release the political prisoners, 10 million dollars and abolishment of Inner Delta. If somebody got hurt, they would kill 1 child for it. Their maingoal was to free their homeland. Antibbe got killed, because of a soldier with sniper, who reacted too fast to a flashlight. So Artkin also killed one child, Raymond. He was a smart child and that had given Kate strength, because she knew she wasnt alone versus the hijackers, but after they killed Raymond, she also gave up her hope. Inner Delta sent the hijackers a message, which said that Seedete, their leader, were captured. Artkin didnt believe them. So he said that they had to send a non-professional messenger with special stone from Sedeetes house. Ben was chosen by his father to accomplish this mission, even though knowing that its dangerous. But he knew that Ben was the best choice, because he was studying peoples behavior and expect how they should react. He also did this to his son for a long time. Thats the main reason why he chose his son. After Ben gave the special stone, the hijackers questioned and tortured him. His father knew that he would tell everything, so Inner Delta gave him false information. After a while Inner delta attacked the hijackers, earlier than hijackers expected, because Ben told them that it should happen at 09:30, but that was also a false information. Artkin and the rest, except Miro, were shot. Artkin shot Ben before dieing. Miro escaped to the forest with having Kate as a shield. When they were in the forest, Kate started asking questions about love and if Artkin was his father. After this question Miro gets all upset, because he always saw Artkin as a important person in his life. He realized that Kate was trying to talk him over so she wouldnt be killed by him. So Miro kills her and says that its already his second kill, because he is blaming himself for the dead of Artkin, because when he suspected, that they were getting attacked, he ran to Kate, instead of warning Artkin. Ben wasnt dead, he was in a coma. When he came out of the coma, he wrote a book about what was happened that day at the bridge. This is also the start of the book. With this part the book started. At the end Miro promised to start all over. He stole a car, whose owner walked away to urinate. And He drove away. Mini-biography of Robert Cormier His mother gave him his birth in 17-01-1925 and he lost his life in 02-11-2000, in Leominster, Massachusetts which is in United States of America. He lived there all his life. His mothers name is Irma Cormier and his fathers name is Geoffrey Leonard. He was the second of 8 children. He had a good relationship with his family. He went to the St. Celias Parochial Grammar School, but he had an awful time because of the nuns. At the 8th grade he saw his house burning because of fire. He was very feared. He wanted to go see his family but teacher didnt let him. This enraged him for a few years later on. His teacher of 7th grade saw one of his poems and said that Robert Cormier was a writer. This gave him the courage to become one. After he went to another school, Fitchburg State College, a teacher read one of his stories and was amazed and published it to a magazine. That would be the first of Robert Cormier. Later, when he finished college, he worked for a radio station as a write commer cials, but he changed it soon. He worked for a newspaper. He did the same job for a long time as a writer and editor. He received 3 great journalism awards. He started writing stories which were short. He wed in 1948 and had 4 kids. Robert Cormier came from America and he was a good writer, a good editorial writer and also a good reporter. His written material is notable of sarcasm and downbeat. The books he wrote contain a lot of topics like Abuse, mental illness, aggression, hospitality, punishment, retaliation, betrayal and trickery. In almost all the novels, which are written by Robert Cormier, the protagonists lose their fight or dont reach their goal. He mostly writes about the youth, even if they arent specially written for the youth. He writes realistic books and the story mostly happens in unusual places. The protagonists mostly have to fight alone versus their enemies or problems, who are much stronger than him, so they mostly lose the fight. His books mostly have a bad ending. His writing style is similar to reports, with a lot of conversations. He is used to write his stories as many times over as he is totally pleased with it. He has a lot of well-known books for example, I Am the Cheese, After the First Death, We All Fall Down and The Chocolate War. He won a lot of prizes with those books. His first and also best-known book is The chocolate War. Which he published in 1974. It can be found in a lot of libraries, also international. He once won the Margaret A. Edwards award. A lot of his books still appear on the list of American Library Association, The New York Times and school Library Journal, which only contains the best books. He answered a lot of letters which he received from his young readers a lot of years. I think that Robert Cormier used post colonialism as the literary movement in his book, named After the first death. Post colonialism flow against the colonialism which was mostly done by the western countries. I think Robert Cormier used this movement, because in his book After the first death, he is writing about a few hijackers who fight versus a secret intelligence of United States of Americ, so their own country can be free again. They say that their country isnt free at the moment, but they are fighting to make it theirs again. The name of the country was never said in the story, but they mostly say that everything in their country is better and everything is fresh etc. Thats why I think that he used post colonialism as the literary movement.

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