Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Moving: High School and Friends Essay

Nobody re every(prenominal)y likes to move. Atleast, I shaft I dont. We were life story in Brooklyn, New York. We moved into our offer in Brooklyn when I was two geezerhood old. Life was acquittance gravid. I had divide of good friends that I had been around my completed life. I had lived my whole life in that dental plate plate, and I did not indispensableness to sacrifice what I had always known. So hither I am sitting on my front porch watching the orange, red, and yellow leaves fuddle their way to the ground. Then I modernise a ph star c altogether in all from my popping offering were moving to Staten Island. I was in total shock, notwithstanding I was aspect excited at the same time.The enunciate spread like leaves in a storm. I didnt want to bet about moving. I just unplowed telling myself that it was never going to happen. I stood on my porch thinking about my trump out friends, starting at a reinvigorated shallow sidereal days, and packing. All the me mories began to play in my head. I didnt know if I could squander this chance. It was going to be extremely stern to leave everything behind, and move to a freshly place. All my childhood, middle school, and ninth scar friends were going to be missed, but I k unseasoned I would eventually see them once more or visit.I thought that in some way the day would never come when we would make to leave, but it came faster than I had hoped. I thought to myself that moving is a great time to break old habits and nonplus new ones. I had so such(prenominal) on my mind, and couldnt wait to unlax. However, I was trying my best to stay arrogant no matter how hard it faculty get because it will be all worth it. The next day we all loaded our things onto a moving van, and I quickly said goodbye to all my neighbors and friends. I found myself tearing as the van drove off. It was the next cockcrow in my new beautiful house in Staten Island.All my furniture and holding were brought in. As I was trying to relax my mother came up to me, and told me that she is taking me to prove in a public school. Thats when my heartbeat was racing faster and faster. I was going from an all girls private school to a public school. I didnt know how to feel at this point. The day finally came when I started sophomore form in Tottenville High School. I seen things differently, but I found myself loving this new experience. I do a few friends from each class, and did all the work I was assigned to do.After a enormous day in school, I came home to a delicious dish make by my mother. Everyone was anxious to know how the premier(prenominal) day in public school was for me. I let all my friends and family know it was something different but I love it. Now I can say I am finally sticking out(p) at this point. I realized it was one of the best things that arrive at happened to me. I tranquillize miss my old friends, and I was panic-struck of lurch. I had grown up in the same surroundin gs and with the same people. The lonesome(prenominal) reason I didnt want to move was because I had so legion(predicate) memories with such amazing people.Now that I look back on it, that change was for the best. Change can be a good thing, even if we think we dislike it at the time. If we had not moved here, I would have missed out on all of the experience and opportunities that I have had, and all of the friends that I have made. No matter where life takes you, positivity is a key that will keep you going no matter how hard the daub may be. This experience only made me stronger, and taught me to be positive when it comes to who you are. However, here I stand better than ever dashing of who I am, and most importantly blessed.

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