Friday, August 9, 2019

Wilma Mankiller video Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Wilma Mankiller video - Essay Example For instance, she explains that when people want to know about the current issues facing the Native Americans, they should first understand the past. She adds on this by stating that it takes the enduring strength of the Native Americans to go through the history they have had. ManKiller continues to give light on issues she feels the U.S. public should understand in totality. In her consistent embrace for the tribal ways, she explains that the tribal government prefers to take care of some issues. These include foster care, adoptions and privileges for water rights (Mankiller 100). Through this project, they have managed to avail health facilities to the locals. Clearly, this is one significant point that cannot be missed from the speech. In a way, she embraces the changes happening in the Native American societies, but mainly insists that it is necessary to keep the cultures. Interestingly, she bounces the speech with bits of sense of humor about a tourist visiting the Cherokee nation hoping to find the native Indians in full attire. However, to the tourist’s disappointment, â€Å"They’re probably all at K-mart.† (Michael

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