Monday, January 21, 2019

African National Identities Essay

In Jonathan Zimmermans essay Afri buttocks National Identities Cant Be reinforced on association football Fever he describes how association football brings the people of Africa together. He talks about the unity of Africans and how much soccer is a constituent of their lives. He as well describes the underlying reason of why soccer is so heavily pushed. The perspective in the essay Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey, good-bye Tim Bowling discusses his warmth for hockey and his hate for the violence. Both verbalize the passion countrymen perplex for their playing periods as well as the ugly post of the cavort as well.In Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye, Bowling describes how hockey was one of his loves and how over time that has changed. He describes how at that place is a good and bad side to hockey. The positives being the skill the players endanger on the ice and the enthusiasm fans depute during the playoffs. The negatives being the violence in the game and the business side of the NHL. He says, Even if expansion and relentless marketing (just how many jerseys can one team have?) have conspired to piss down the talents and glaciate the pace of play (Bowling, 213). Bowling explains how the sport has run low so rough that everything is overlooked and tolerated.He says, and in which a feature player like Todd Bertuzzi can jump an opponent from behind, breaking his grapple and not be universally vilified for his actions, but rather become the special(a) hero of Vancouver Canucks hockey fans (Bowling,213). In comparison Zimmerman writes about how popular soccer is among Africans and how everyone speaks football (Zimmerman, 345). He also writes about the negativity bordering the sport. He says that one of the reasons soccer is so strongly pushed is so the government can hide its wrongdoings. He says, Even worse, some governments use sports to divert charge from their own misdeeds (Zimmerman, 346). Zimmerman also states that the sport has allowed tyrants to b olster their power (Zimmerman, 345), using Idi Amin as an example.Though their writings show similarity in the negativity that surround these sports, their essays differ for the feelings the writers feel now. Bowling refuses to watch hockey, whereas, Zimmerman still has a passion for the sport. For Bowling the sport has been ruined by the violence, the marketing, and the ways it has changed from a sport to business. He says, When I was a boy, the boards, ice, and score clock were free of advert goals and assists meant more than salaries and players and teams had distinct character (Bowling,215). For Bowling, he was still looking for the equal sport that he watched growing up, what he sees today, he does not recognize. tally to him young boys ar being sexually abused by coaches, players atomic number 18 badly hurting others and people like Don Cherry are exploiting others for a good laugh.He sees violence everywhere in the sport now, not the good, old, pure sportsmanship he saw growing up. He also says, Why should I follow a sport whose foundation in this country is made of blood and beer and an empty rhetoric close to out-of-date and destructive notions of patriotism and manhood (Bowling, 215). He loves the sport but cannot keep what has become of it. Zimmerman shares the love for soccer as other Africans, he says, my nerve will break too, if Ghana fails to win the Africa Cup (Zimmerman, 346). He wishes for the best, for both the country and the sport. He doesnt want them to build an identity around soccer, because if they one day lose, it will break the whole nation. They will have zero to fall back on.In both essays the fans show pledge for their national sports and this is what brings them together. Zimmerman says that Africans hand their future on sports and Bowling says that hockey is nothing but violence and business. They both make valid points in their essays, they show the positives of their sports, and then show the negative sides to thei r passion as well.Bowling, Tim. Na Na Na Na , Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye. Essay Writing for Canadian Students with Readings.7th ed. Editors Chris Bullock, Kay L.Stewart, Laura K. Davis. Toronto Pearson Canada Inc., 2013.211-216.Print. Zimmerman, Jonathan. African National Identities Cant Be Built on Soccer Fever Essay Writing for Canadian Students with Readings.7th ed. Editors Chris Bullock, Kay L.Stewart, Laura K. Davis. Toronto Pearson Canada Inc., 2013.345-346.Print

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