Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Describe Gender Roles at Work and in the Home Essay

Males and females collect always had different gender roles and these roles have an impact on the workplace and home. further there ar alike some disadvantages for two of them. This essay will describe gender roles at work and in the home with reference to lacquer. Firstly, many wo custody are bother by the balance between home and work. They face role congest ,which means trying to merge the roles of worker and mother or wife. When both spouses work outside, women guide to do the lions share of the housework.For example, an Australian research showed that working women do roughly 70 hours of housework speckle working husbands only do approximately 31 hours. In Japan many women work fulltime share the housework with their spouse. However there are still some women who work both at home and at the work place and still experience role overload. Secondly, many men also experience challenges with gender roles. While they are less in all probability to suffer from prejudice, t here are more disadvantages than advantages. For example, many men tend to experience stress from the gouge to make money, the situation employment, and social expectations.In Japan, many men experience these problems as well as the debt instrument to earn a heavy salary. However the current financial crisis makes demanding for them to keep their position and workplace. Thirdly, a lot of women are confronted with inequality at work. Nowadays their rights have become more better than in the then(prenominal) and therefore gender equality is guarded in many places by laws. As a result, most women can get higher(prenominal) salaries than before. However inequality at work still remains and even though men and women have the same qualifications or skills, women still earn subvert salaries and have lower status.For example, many of their jobs are inferior to mens jobs and they do not have opportunities to get higher positions because of the glass ceiling. In Japan, womens rights have improved and many can get higher positions, like cabinet ministers in the Japanese government. However for some women this problem still continues. In conclusion, many workplace rights have become much better than in the past and many women can get good salaries and positions. However both spouses still experience role overload and pressure to earn money. When these problems are dealt with, peoples lives will improve in the future.

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