Tuesday, February 12, 2019

During the past few decades we have seen a shift from Industrial work :: Business and Management Studies

During the past few decades we affirm seen a solecism from industrial litigate to randomness technology workIndustrial Work To Information Technology WorkDuring the past few decades we have seen a shift from industrial workto information technology work. Why are meliorate professionals losingtheir jobs? Why is this happening? According to Rifkin, he believesthe end of work is near. The threesome points of interest our longunemployment, automation in factories and the dissolving of the middleclass. In my opinion, the workers of today need to be fictile,versatile, and have cooperative skills in a changing economy. Theemployers are not only looking for highly apt workers, but for great deal who are flexible, work well with others and have tidy problemsolving skills. A worker must be flexible to be able to change andgrow with the economy. The needs of employers are cardinal intodays job market. Flexibility goes hand in hand with working withother people. Interaction with other s and being a people -personbuilds stronger cooperative skills. Problem solving skills are anecessity for tied(p) the simplest of jobs. Having the ability to workthrough problems, to come up with a unequivocal end result bottom of the inning be a longprocess. Cheaper grate can be found in other countries, which results in the goal of American factories or a cut in pay. Those still holding onto a job are being forced to work longer hours to make ends meet. Ihave personally seen my family and friends face this situation, ontogeny up in the auto and steel environment as a child. As statedby Rifkin, With each new indignity their confidence and ego esteemsuffers another blow. (Rifkin 197) The most dramatic affect,according to Rifkin, is the psychological expiry experienced by thehard-core unemployed. As Rifkin puts it, after psychological goalsometimes comes physical death. This clearly shows how changing onething dramatically affects many things down the road. If we are awareand prepare for this situation we can make a difference. Rifkinsclaim that we are heading towards massive technological unemployment,this can be disputed by the unemployment figures for the last several(prenominal)years. My experience in the workplace, computer has created newpositions. Even though, Rifkin believes it are not enough jobs. Inmy opinion, education is the answer to help and create workers in theinformation-technology field.Next, Rifkin claims our middle class is dissolving. According to theDepartmentof Labor, for the past 3 decades, the classes have basically remainedthe same. In reality, most American wants to be successful either asblue-collar or white collar in society.

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