Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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Admissions establish -Sojourn to Medicine On the first day that I walked into the church building Nursing Home, I was unsure of what to expect. A jumble of questions ran through my judgment simultaneously Is this the right job for me? Will I be assailable of aiding the elderly residents? Will I enjoy what I do? A couple of hours later, these questions were largely forgotten as I slowly curb chicken pieces and fed them to Frau Meyer. Soon afterwards, I was strolling through the garden with Herr Schmidt, hearing to him tell of his tour of duty in World War II. By the end of the day, I realized how much I enjoyed the whole cause and at the same time smiled at the irony of it all. I inevitable to travel to Heidelberg, Germany to confirm my interest in clinical medicine. Experiences like my voluntary work in the German nursing home illustrate the deciding(prenominal) role travel has played in my life. For instance, I had volunteered at a local hospital in New York but was not satisfied. Dreams of reflection doctors in the ER or obstetricians in the maternity ward were concisely replaced with the reality of carrying urine and feces samples to the lab. With virtually no patient contact, my characterisation to clinical medicine in this setting was unenlightening and uninspiring. However, in Heidelberg, contempt the fact that I frequently change diapers for the incontinent and deal with on occasion cantankerous elderly, I love my twice weekly visits to the nursing home. Here, I feel that I am needed and wanted. That rewarding feeling of fulfillment attracts me to the practice of medicine. My year abroad in Germany also enriched and diversified my survive with query. Although I had a tremendously valuable exposure to question as a summer intern investigating chemotherapeutic resistance in human carcinomas, I found disconcerting the constant cost-benefit analysis demand in applied biomedical research. In contrast, my work at the University of Heid elberg gave me a broader view of basic research and demonstrated how it can expand friendship -- even without the promise of immediate profit. I am currently attempting to measure up the role of an enzyme during neural development. Even though the benefit of such research is not yet apparent, it will ultimately contribute to a massive body of information which will further medical science. My different reactions to research and medicine just exemplify the intrinsically broadening impact of travel.

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