Monday, March 4, 2019

For My Health Care Interview Paper

She deeds with me at Trihedral in Cincinnati, OH, as an indemnification Coordinator. Also, she is a University of Phoenix graduate class of 2012. I work rattling close with gobbler Goodwin in the Insurance Verification department, as an Outpatient cognitive process Financial Counselor Rep II. In my paper w unbalanced hold forth my interview I had with her. During the interview, she described her primary responsibility, her forebodinger path and did her college commandment prepare for her current job. She will discuss her length of employment at Trihedral , and identify the customer she assist.She gave me information for education requirements to become an Insurance Coordinator, and parent in the health fearfulness field. Lastly, she explained how she interacts with others in their environment. To become a health care Insurance Coordinator formal education along with well familiar knowledge on various health insurance policies. Tomcat G (2014) suggests that an individual needs to be current on different health care policy, so they can coordinate the patients benefits. The Insurance Coordinator has several responsibilities for assisting patients, health insurance companies, and various departments inside the company.Tomcat G. (2014) says, As an Insurance Coordinator you will be responsible for assisting patients in dealing with the health insurance claims. Its your job to concussion insurance companies and patients regarding outstanding balances. The person must be initiative to solving and research billing issues. Tomcat daily routine consists of preparing administrative and useable reports for our manager. She prepares invoices on behalf of the department manager. Finally, job duties include receiving incoming calls, and making outgoing calls to other divisions.She has to have good communication skills. Growing up Tomcat always had a dearest of helping others. As a petty(a) girl she planned to be a fire fighter, but she got cured she foun d a passion for the healthcare field. When her grandma become ill and she discovered the lack of health care coverage her grandmother had. During her grandmother illness, Tomcat came across a few throng and seeing the passion they had in their eyes to help others. Tomcat wanted that same feeling, while working with the community. After her grandmother passed away, she decided to go o prepare and study healthcare.Tomcat wasnt interested in creation a physicians or defend she wanted a road less traveled. She knew she wanted to do something in healthcare, but what she didnt know. After, several conversations with her Academic advisor, Tomcat knew she was making the best finish of life. Tomcat gradated from the University Of Phoenix 2012, with BBS in Healthcare Admit Management. She is before long working on her MBA at the University of Phoenix. Her long term goal is to be the director of Oral Surgery. Tomcat G feels that University of Phoenix prepared for the lath care industry .Her education prepared different promotions at Trihedral. Tomcat encouraged me to apply back to school, and complete my degree. Tomcat has worked at Trihedral for 8 years and within these years she has been promoted 4 times to higher levels in the company. The department she works in goes beyond the job requirement. We help family members manage emotional and fiscal challenges of caring for their family members or loved ones. To be in this department the employee must have sympathy and compassion towards the customer. The employee customer will change daylight o day based on the employee is working.At times my customer whitethorn be the health insurance company am calling them to curb coverage and co payments for the patient. A few calls later my customer by chance the claims department, and other various departments. Tomcat feels that working in health care you were different hats to get the job done correctly. Tomcat thrives on being a leader in patient satisfaction through chastity and quality care to any customer. Trihedral is physicians, hospitals, and communities working together to help people live better. Trihedral is located in Cincinnati, OH.

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