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Case study about print culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Case study about mug culture - Essay congresswomanAmong the things connected to the print media are history of the hand, its production, circulation and consumption, and the role of the publishers, editors and the authors in coming up with the complete and consummate end product.The medium theory is a contemporary means of classifying the role of the media in an examinable mode to watch up with how it impacts on the human confabulation and also how the human expression is captured in a telephone to emphasize on the role of the media in our life and its significance (David 2005, p.12). In the recent past, it has been found that close emphasis has been laid on the content and not the medium of the communication itself. It is of importance to look at the role of the medium through which communication will reach the people and also come up with the way in which it is going to change the worlds social and cultural values. In our case, the book Stones Fall by Lain Pears is a good o ne in which we can conserve the main theme and aim of the publisher and the author and the intention of the entire work.Darnton entails clearly the use of print as a means of communication to reach to the population and also come up with the stovepipe way in which they can understand the media best. It entails the origin of the print media since the 15th century and brings on mesa the concept of research in a bid to come up with a general and crude way of viewing the print industry. According to the founders of the medium theory, the suggestions are that the media is the message and the channel in which communication was transmitted. The medium theory however, does not comprehensively allow people to acknowledge what the message conveys or how the information is received. It tackles mostly the concept of the media richness and also the characteristics of the medium itself. Mcluhan (1967) stressed on how channels differ and how they turn on and alter the thoughts and the

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