Monday, April 29, 2019

Leadership Challenge and Charge Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leadership Ch everyenge and show - Research Paper ExampleStrategic thinking is similar to that of cognitive ability. Strategic thinking involves prudish analysis of the problem. It does not end with mere analysis of the problem, instead planning and arriving at a dissolvent is also considered as strategical thinking. The team leader or the coverr should analyze the problems in all perspectives so that the corresponding decision or solution eradicates the problem. Another important factor is managing change and strategic thinking revolves around this concept which highlights the nigh prominent features of this concept. The cognitive ability, strategic thinking and analytical skills ar considered as the basic requirement of a leader.Decision making skill is also one among the most important skills which a leader should possess. It is the ability to arrive at a decision based on the problem and in certain cases it might also depend on a particular situation. (Manning & Curtis, 20 03). asunder from these factors, the skill to manage the difference in opinion among the team members is also required. This skill brings about several(prenominal) changes in the organization and hence it is considered as the crucial one. The scenario changes after every decision and this is the main close why a leader is expected to possess the decision making skill. Though these skills play a major role in shaping up a leader, the interpersonal skills are also every bit important. The Art of Leadership also includes coaching ability and learning skills that will help the leader to manage the team effectively. (Grint, 2001). Team leaders or managers must know how to coach the team members or the trainees. This in turn will enable the employees to perform in a better way. The interaction with the team increases the productiveness of the organization as it motivates the employees to work towards achieving their goal.The art of leadership not only covers these skills, but

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