Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Do gety colleg adequately caters to undergraduates Case Study

Do gety colleg adequately caters to undergraduates - Case Study ExampleThis enabled the interviewee to fix different questions, or call for clarifications to some issues. Students came from different races while their ages were between 18 years to 22 years. almost of the interviewee allowed us to record them, which gave us an added analysis of their opinion via their body language. Where not allowed, we took notes.Data collected from the might member showed that in the best of their knowledge the education system in the campus was at its optimum. Several students confirm this since out of their busy working schedule, they could choose between attending evening, daytime, or weekend classes. However, some subjects thrust a fixed timetable, which leaves students with flexible schedules out. Extra curriculum activities offered in the school really complement the development processes, but are inaccessible to working students. Gety College adequately caters for most working undergrad uates. However, improvement is needed on professors attitude to students, support to students, and on registration

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