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Financial report analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Financial report compend - Essay ExampleThe come withs sales have increased by almost 78% from the social class 2005 till the year 2009. The connections sales figures have increased 15.5% on average over the long time i.e. from 2005 to 2009 (9%(2006) + 14% (2007) + 18% (2008) + 21% (2009 ? 4). This shows an increasing trend in the sales figure over all the preceding years. The remuneration before Interest, Tax and Amortization (EBITA) have been showing encouraging signs for the shareholders of the company over the five year period. BAE groups net gain ground had also been following an increasing trend barely the turn out of 2009 has been of highest worry for its stakeholders, the company reported a spillage of ?45 million as compared to a profit of ?1,768 million in the year 2008, this shows a hefty reduction of ?1,813 million which equates to a reduction of some 102% in the reported profits of 2009 when compared with that of 2008. This loss has been made as a result of som e capacious changes in the companys income generating assets. The major contribution towards this loss has been attributed to the reduction in foreign switch gains. This has been because of the weakening of the Dollar currency. BAE systems had to face an incredible strike because of the weakened US Dollar and because of it the gains diminished in the year 2009 as compared to the previous years when those gains were really higher. The second most obvious reason for this loss was because of the reduction in the Interest Income for BAE systems, the interest income within the company has been an influential factor in trim back the effect of the high interest payments and other expenditures. To further understand the financial performance of the company, the ratio analysis technique is used. There are different types of ratios available to ascertain the different operating areas of a company. The positiveness Ratios ascertain the efficient performance of a company. According to the p rofitability ratios, the returns for the shareholders/investors of BAE systems have reduced heavily, the companys ROCE has reduced from 11.5% in the year 2008 to 7.3% in the year 2009 and the return for the equity shareholders has also reduced drastically. such(prenominal) a reduction in the Returns for the shareholders would discourage future potential investors to invest in the company but BAE systems have not practically reduced this return offered to its shareholders in fact the company increased its dividend by 10% to 16 pence per share in the year 2009 as compared to 14.5 pence per share in 2008. The Gross make and the Net profit margin also reduced in the year 2009 as compared to prior years, the and strengthening feature for the company is its trend to increase its dividend over the last four to five years (the companys dividend per share had been 10.3 pence per share in 2005). Liquidity ratios are a measure of ascertaining the daylight to day running of a company it is m erely a measure of ascertaining a companys ability to pay off its obligations as they fall due. These obligations are generally the current liabilities and these current liabilities squirt be met by having appropriate current assets. The current ratio is a measure that analyses a companys ability to pay off its current liabiliti

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