Friday, May 10, 2019

MEMO---Affordable Care ACT Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MEMO---Affordable Care proceed - Assignment ExampleThe growth is facilitated by the guild staff, the full-time employees and the part-time employees. The company already has a health insurance policy cover for the full-time employees. The cover has reduced recurrent expenditure on hospital bills and withal improved the welfare of the full-time employees (Sommers et al, 2013). We believe that, if the health package is extended to the part-time staff, it go out greatly improve their welfare and attitude towards the company.Currently, part-time employees represent 20% of the total company employees. In addition, the number increases to 30% of the total workforce when there is a huge workload. Due to the unpredictable patterns of the economy, the company is forced to recruit an additional team to aid in delivering various important tasks. Therefore, when the health insurance cover under the Affordable health care is adopted on board, the company lead also benefit.The company has experienced tremendous growth for the last ten years. The number of employees is expected to double inside the next year to approximately 300 employees including the part-time employees. It is a requirement to have health insurance for all employees of registered companies. This is in line with the Affordable Care Act, which becomes effective soon. As part of the companys core values, it is important to comply with national laws to ensure the continued success of the company. Complying with the new mandate will see the company increase in size and increase the annual turnover, in the long post (Huntington et al, 2011).Though the Affordable health care will increase the company costs, it will have a variety of benefits. A health insurance cover for the part-time employees will help reduce absenteeism cod to sickness. Absenteeism impacts the company negatively, and it is an additional cost to the company. Where several part-time employees are absent, the company will be

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