Thursday, May 9, 2019

Women and careers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Women and careers - Essay Example books does not only ground their differences in ideologies scarce it too reflects the similarities of such ideas among men and women in the retiring(a) and present times. Today, the interest in the subject is becoming more and more intense as community seek to pursue all the happiness they can have in this world. One movie serial that speaks roughly such especially concerning women is Sex and the City. It portrays the lives of four female friends who openly talk about end up and their relationship. It presents the concerns of women that men often ignore and disregard. Moreover, it also pictures how new-made women value work and their womanhood in the pursuit of their happiness. The main characters, Carrie Bradshaw played by Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones, Kristin Davies as Charlotte York and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes, in the movie serial mentioned earlier perhaps reflects the modern womens struggles that they often exp erience as they express themselves and assert their expense in the world. The four women who are all past the age of thirty try to live principle lives as all the others around them do. They work as professionals and compete with men in their work places but they also struggle with them when it comes to their relationships. They have different ideas about love and sex which portrays the different ideas of modern women. For instance, Miranda is presented as a successful corporate lawyer who worked so hard that she has forgotten all about marriage. In her mid-thirty, she was still unmarried. Jones on the other hand is an executive who tries to act desire men do, having sex with them give care the relationship is not about feelings and emotions or treating each other as lovers. In the first fact of season 1, the character of Jones is presented as the most liberated among the four friends and perhaps reflects many women in modern times who really think that they are competitive wit h men not only in terms of profession and achievements but also in terms of sex. If men perceive women as sex objects, she believes that women could also do the same as evidenced by her advice to her friends. She even gives an example about how she goes about her relationships, mentioning Drew, an ex-lover whom she slept with for a time in her past and then left him matter-of-factly, forgetting about him just like when one changes her robes and disposes them ( On the other hand, York plays the romantic kind of character who thinks that sex should be evince with love. She is quite the stirred up kind among the friends and often brings about the other concerns, about the more important matters in the issues being elevated among their discussions. In the example given above, she reacts with Bradshaw in clear bewilderment saying that they should consider love and philander also. Perhaps the attitude of women acting like men, thinking that they can be as unemotional wh en it comes to sex is just a facade to show their competitiveness. Although deep inside, women are hurting because they are treated like objects, they tend not to accept it but rather deny that they are really emotionally affected. In effect, they try to act as the men do and show that they can also hurt men. However, along the process, men are also hurt because they are also human beings who have feelings. Bradshaw verbally expressed her being a human being and asserted that she should be treated as such by her lovers like her long time lover, Big and still another lover, Alexander Petrovsky ( Although men never show such concern or verbally express such feelings, they are not devoid of feelings so that they also need such attention. However, probably, what makes things

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