Thursday, May 30, 2019

the street racer :: essays research papers

THE STREET RACERToday is Chads first day of college and he deficiencys to become a mechanic. He also hopes to at long last become an owner of a shop. He has always enjoyed working on cars including his own. He likes the look of street racing cars and has always wanted to go down a race or be in one alone has never had the chance. For the last few years he had been working hard and relieve money and adding performance parts to his car. His mummy has been very sick lately but nothing has been in addition serious so he isnt too worried but he still thinks about her a lot. He is a very average student sometimes having problems when his mom gets sick but now that hes in college he wants to do well and succeed. Later in the year he gets a phone call.Hello.Good flush is this Chad?Yes who is this?This is Dr. Jones I am your mothers doctor.Is there something wrong?Im very sorry I have to tell you this but your mom is very sick and we are not sure if shes going to make much longer.Oh my god is there anything that I can do?The plainly thing that you can do right now is to come visit her and try to make her fell better and distract her from some of the pain.Chad stays soundless he doesnt know what to say.Are you still there?Yes I need to go.I am sorry sir good bye.ByeHe doesnt know what to do he wants to good in school so bad and get a good job, but he needs to go trip up his mom.The next day in school he dose nothing when hes in class he cant apply attention to anything the teacher is saying all he can think about is his mom. Yo Chad. Says his good friend Jeff.Chad.ChadOh sorry didnt hear you whats up.Whats wrong with you man youve been acting really strange today?Nothing.Tell me I know something is wrongNo I dont want to talk about this right now.Alright whatever I got to go to class ill talk to you later.Hey Chad Im going to class nowSorry see you later.The two of them walk away and Chad goes back to his dorm room to think about what hes going do. He decide s no matter how grave school is to him his mom is much more important. He drives for hours to get to the hospital hi mom is at.

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