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Walden JournalAuthor Henry David ThoreauoD.O.B- 07/12/1817o time of Death- 05/06/1862Date of Publication 1854Literary Period RealismPlotoIn the first chapter its announced that Henry David Thoreau spent two years in Walden Pond, tightfitting concord, MassachusettsoIts devoted to discussing how people try to acquire wealth, but doesnt lead to happinessoHe wishs to enjoy nature, and explains that those who own a lot have to take care of things, but those who dont can do whatever they wantoDiscusses the energy that it took for him to build his house. destroyed in spring of 1845, moved in July 4thoBorrowed/salvaged building materials from other sites nearby. The land that he built his house belongs to Ralph Waldo EmersonoThoreau makes a loft field for extra money, occupying his mornings, Thoreau leaves the afternoon for reading, writing and his thoughtsoHe believes in being a minimalist, simplicity and solitude. Contrasts his life with those who are materialisticoThoreau ponders th e motive of technology because the Fitchburg Railroad passes Walden pond, and it interrupts his thoughts.oDiscusses his contact, Alex Therien, a Canadian Woodcutter who is grand and sincere in his character, though modest in intellectual attainments.oMakes constant trips to Concord for meeting his friends, and scattered business. Spends the night in jail on one of his trips. Refused to pay bail, because the govt approves slavery.oOften spends his time paying attention to nature, the changing of seasons, and creatures that share the woods with him. The idiot that he plays hide and go seek with for instance, becomes a symbol of the playfulness of nature and its divine laughter at world endeavors. Another example of animal symbolism is the full-fledged ant war that Thoreau stumbles upon, prompting him to meditate on human warfare. His observations of nature are not like a biologist/scientist, he doesnt observe them scientifically, but gives them a moral/philosophical view, as if the y could teach him something.o Starts to prepare for winter as it becomes fall. Listens to the rabbit, squirrel, and the fox, as they gather food. Thinks about how the ice will melt and come back to Walden Pond. Watches ice fisherman cut ice blocks and send them to larger cities.oFor the most part Thoreau is alone but receives visits from William Ellery Channing or Amos Bronson Alcott.oAs he becomes more knowledgeable about Walden Pond and neighboring ponds he wants to rate their depths, and map their layouts. Discovers that Walden Pond is no more than 100 ft.

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