Thursday, June 13, 2019

Enhancing the Patient Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Enhancing the Patient Experience - Essay ExampleDue to space imitation, the paper will condense only on the challenges that were experienced during the case study discussed, and non on the treatment. Different studies have revealed that person-centred care not only gives psychological satisfaction to patients, however also helps the nurses to gain psychological satisfaction in their job, as person-centred care not only makes easy their job, but also tenders certain find of spiritual meaning and depth to the process of caring. The Case Study The case study included in this paper is of a teenage female customer who was recommended by her school for counseling and therapy. The physical examination of the client had revealed that the client was severely overweight and was suffering from obesity related problems. Her academic surgical procedure had bygone down drastically in last six months, and she was becoming emotionally and psychologically distant from her peers and teachers. However, the decision to send her for counseling was taken when her parents ariseed the school regarding her performance and expressed worries over her behaviour problems. The method used to interpret the client was personal interview. Six sessions of interview were conducted with the client. It was found that she was suffering from low self-esteem and insecurity. ... The clients eating pattern was related to the emotional insecurity and unfulfilled needs. Hence, it was very requisite to adopt a person-centred approach to gain her confidence and faith. Person-centred approach is one of the most effective approaches in care. According to Ford and McCormack (2000), in order to provide person-centred care, practitioners must acquire knowledge about the person which allows them to provide care and services that are compatible with individuals values and which are, as such, highly valued (Clarke, Hanson and Ross 2003, p.697). However, understanding the values of a person is not an ea sy task. There were many challenges that were experienced during the journey of the treatment process. Interestingly, the challenges started right from the beginning of the treatment as the first challenge was faced when I had to understand the core values of my client. Building mutual trust Communication between nurse and patient is an important aspect of a successful treatment. However, communication is executable only when the patient trusts the nurse and believes that the details of his personal life will remain confidential. Hence, in order to encourage my client to open up emotionally, it was necessary for me to gain her trust. It was important to assure her that I was not going to judge her in any way, but understood her point of view completely. It has been observed that payable to differing interpretation of illness and related conditions, the mutual trust between the nurse and the patient, which is necessary for good communication, cannot be developed (Sartain, Clarke an d Heyman 2000, p. 913). Mutual trust can be enhanced by accessing and resolving the difference in patients and service providers interpretation of the medical

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