Friday, June 14, 2019

Game Studies - Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Game Studies - - Essay ExampleConsideration of highs as the most socially acceptable medium of stress reprieve and fitness regulation came with the progressive trend of human culture in every aspect. As a result of the extended support from the populations of different countries crosswise the world, games became a visible form of exchange medium of culture in course of time. When such a single game has to be identified as a reformer of the cultural and socio-economic facets of the human community over a large proportion of the world population, cricket claims its emphatic position across England and different Common Wealth nations.Cricket evolved as a game from unknown time in the history, but with the enthusiasm of more(prenominal) and more people to wage this game, the popularity and the cricketing culture formed part of the worlds English dominance. The influence of literature in popularizing this game was a major contributor of the development of a new culture that promoted the expansion of cricket across various countries. More importantly, cricket evolved as a mentor of the sports culture with greater consideration for the beautification of the game by eliminating possible rivalries that sustained during theancient sports history. As many more people entered the game with expectations of prestige-over-entertainment, the aesthetic approach to the game evolved and as a result, cricket itself had forced on people, a class-difference of involvement based on their wealth and social status. As Bateman (2009, p. 7) opines, in the early stage, cricket used to be a stage where the players classified themselves as amateurs or professionals in which the former class opted batting as their favourite element of the game while the latter had to chose the more laborious and less glamorous area of bowling. Though this separatist views about the cosmetic image of cricket continued for a long time, it was really a synopsis of the upcoming trend

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