Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Accelerated Growth Strategy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Accelerated Growth Strategy - Research Paper Example According to Delforce, Dickson and Hogan (2005), â€Å"Australia’s agriculture and food industry is undergoing a period of rapid change. The industry makes a major contribution to the Australian economy but is particularly important to rural and regional economies. Accordingly, many food producers and processors are keen to understand the changes that are occurring now and where the Australian food industry is heading†. Supermarket stores, in order to be competitive, must offer products/ services at discounted price to become cost leaders in the marketplace. The business operations must focus on offering quality products to customers at competitive prices. Aldi, being a giant supermarket chain based on Australia, has found this change and they have tried to change their strategies accordingly.   Consumer research on multifunctional products has, by far, explained the consumer reactions to products, with complex features that are difficult to use. However, it is found that in some markets, consumer opts for products with multiple, yet simple essential features. In case of products sold by supermarkets, the consumers show highly habitual buying behavior in their choices. The habitual buying behavior expressed by the customers often ends in rational irrespective choices. They can be influenced by buying behavior of other potential consumers too. Thus, consumers often focus solely on the price aspect of the product offerings due to lack of differentiation present in the service offerings. Marketing in discount superstores involves different operations that include labeling, packaging, pricing and point of purchase advertising.

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